The 6 year old blind guess 14 games 5 million 2 yuan prize help nlite

The 6 year old "blind guess" 14 games 5 million 2 yuan prize help (deputy director of the Henan Provincial Sports Lottery Center for lottery awards Han Yu) the morning of October 24, 2016, the Henan lottery center to a "God", holding a 2 yuan betting lottery lottery game 14 game winning 5 million awards, claiming the essentials! 2 yuan to change the fate of all possible? If a professional lottery to hear this news, estimate the first response is: "this person is either a man of God, or a nervous patient!" Ha-ha! Henan sports lottery center staff is responsible for payment of awards in the heart a surprised: 14 games! Each game has wins, flat, negative results three may, 2 yuan betting, the theory of probability 14 game guess is 14782969! The first prize is 5 million yuan…… The coefficient of difficulty is far more than the "hit"! With doubt, the reception staff according to the working process that from Anyang, Mr. Shen (a pseudonym) winning lottery in the lottery back to sign the name and ID number, to verify the lottery information display: 16161 "14" football lottery game winning games, betting 2 yuan, October 22, 2016 18 07 minutes and 24 seconds buy network location in the northern section of Beiguan District of Anyang city primary battery factory opposite, lottery 5 million yuan, unpaid bonuses! Oh The current is the only 1 note first prize! In the face of the lottery staff exclaimed: 2 yuan to change the fate, everything is possible! 32 note five million years insisted once return according to Mr. Shen, he is the sports lottery quiz games old lottery, are fond of football lottery game winning 14 games, the football lottery in 2002 listed in Henan Province, he began buying, every time is usually 32 note betting, lottery more than and 10 years including 14 field and optional 9, never in a decent prize. Professional lottery pointed out: Although the play in the "35 step five or six people around the world, a mighty army" scenes, but a small amount of a single purchase has been a regular lottery betting taboo, after all 14 games screenings too much, not to prevent multiple betting unpopular, want the prize will tell some fantastic tales! However, the "32 year round, 2 Yuan dream able to perform wonders", but really brightly into Mr. Shen 5 million alone in reality awards! How do you solve this result? How to solve? How to solve? Winning is the last word! A single vote in the end is the editor selected? Mr. Shen said: "when the query results after winning 5 million prize, to his surprise! At first, I do not believe, but also a number of consecutive checks, only to finally confirm! However, this note can win the lottery, but also thanks to my old mother, this is what she chose for me……" What happened? The original is the old mother! How old is the mother of God? The Queen Mother Earth? The 6 year old mother and son let wayward "blind guess 2 yuan alone in 5 million called the" pen "Mr. Shen said, more than 5 points in October 22nd afternoon, looking out at the rain, think of today’s lottery has not bought, but it’s already late, also do not want to expend energy to analyze the game, on a whim let the more than and 60 year old mother made a note number. Mother said:"!相关的主题文章: