The bike sharing rush began another campaign behind capital

The bike sharing rush began another campaign behind capital sharing contest and the waves field of bicycle. September 28th, v-mobile (Mobike) B round investors, panda Capital Partners Mao Shengbo finally unbearable, Zhu Xiao Hu to send a high-profile official accusation "Declaration of war": "if more than ofo years Mobell, panda partners will be in China World Trade Center naked ride." Mao Shengbo believes that the "godfather of flow is very important, but not the only factor of success." He pointed out that although the drops have traffic advantages, they cannot cover the bus, car rental business failure. Zhu Xiaohu to the Chinese entrepreneurs responded: This is the envy of jealous hate." Recalling the origin of the event, ofo bike on Monday (September 26th) announced a few billion dollars to travel a few drops of strategic investment, less than a year to complete the five round of financing. Future drops platform will access ofo, the two sides in the city to cooperate on short trips. Announced financial news, ofo investors, Jinsha River venture partner Zhu Xiaohu circle of friends, sharing a bicycle will be like the battle of carpool, driving on behalf of, at the end of the 90 days. About the investment process, Zhu Xiaohu explained in a "vote, Jinsha River has ofo and drops the greeting, is to help the early layout of door drops, drops again until the flank, admission when the time is ripe, overweight and town council. Today, the Internet is not alone China between companies, but the entire ecological system of army combat. China’s Internet has been the flow of the king, so the entrance value will soon show the power of drops." From the industry point of view, the bike has become a new outlet in 2016". Intelligent electric bicycle light off in August this year to complete the 150 million yuan B round of financing. In September 23rd, 27, excellent cycling, cycling is Xiaoming worship is not on-line announced an angel round of financing. Seems to be overnight, sharing bikes became capital pursued xiangbobo. At present, ofo and v-mobile is this track race, although still in the stage of market staking, but the two inevitably face the future or fight. Now, there is a tense confrontation between the two investors, 3 months later, who can kill who? "  innovation debate;   ‘for the ofo competitors, panda Capital Partners Mao Shengbo tit for tat said," Mobell in products, technology, and business model innovation, has brought a breeze for the Chinese city travel market. We hope to see entrepreneurship competition can hardly be avoided, similar Mobell innovators, and not only will take advantage of the air to make a copy pig." From operational mode, ofo and v-mobile is essentially a timeshare rental economy, rather than purely economic sharing. For operators, low repair rate is the most important consideration. Ofo is still the most self cycling, although part of the car from the campus "zombies" and alumni sharing, but only 10% of the proportion of each car costs less than 300 yuan, the difference between ordinary bicycle is uniform yellow spray paint, lock, and in the school organized a special team maintenance and deployment. Mobell is completely B2C mode independent repairer to input the amount of money, Lei相关的主题文章: