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"The Bourne 5" 3D "was to resist exposing film why favor pseudo 3D" – Beijing Bourne 5 poster source: the film side provides Beijing Beijing on 26 August, (reporter Lou Xiao) "the camera was black and Akira, a lot of action and make people dizzy, this is really the foldover heavy, empty advice abdominal watch." Chose to watch the movie released the same day "the Bourne 5" Yang Kai with disappointment to the reporter grumble. Recently, the highly anticipated Hollywood action movie "the Bourne 5" in Chinese released, however unexpected is that after the release of the next day, a bad 3D many viewers Tucao the movie viewing experience, and even produce nausea, dizziness and other physical reactions. In this regard, Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter survey found that "the Bourne 5" show in most countries and regions overseas are 2D version, 3D version of the original China area is late conversion "special". In addition, insiders pointed out that, with the film in the same area as the Chinese version of the 3D version of the film is not a minority, in this way the box office revenue is very impressive. "The Bourne 5" in August 23rd China after the release, there are a lot of the audience viewing effect is poor. Subsequently, "Wei citee", "Huang Feijue", "film critic warrant" per capita in micro-blog said publicly that the boycott to look at this film version of 3D. "The Bourne 5" stills source: the film side has been involved in providing film "Lee adventures", "Pifu" writers, the famous film critic zhangxiaobei also expressed dissatisfaction, "film has a fierce shake screen, close-up, close range and fast jump cut shot, this is 3D film will try to avoid the elements, because they will destroy the 3D film stereo feeling. But these shots is precisely the "Bourne" series of style, is the label of the visual features, post conversion 3D screen completely destroyed the $150 million cost to create a unique film texture." In this regard, the film Chupin universal international pictures on the evening of 24 issued a statement said, understand and respect the needs of the audience, is closely associated with the two film distribution company and China cooperation, and theater consultation, for as soon as possible for the audience to provide more 2D viewing sessions. 26, "the Bourne 5" in the stellar international Cineplex Jin Yuan store film source: cat movie screenshots according to new network reporter confirmation, McIlroy, Wanda, Jin Yi and other part of cinema has confirmed receipt of the relevant notice, according to the notice of execution. However, the reporter found that the actual operation of the ticket, "the Bourne 5" in 2D sessions theaters on 26 row piece still less than the total amount of discharge sheet 20%, there are still no 2D part of the theater screenings row piece. In fact, the latter part of the international blockbuster version of the 3D version of the phenomenon has been very common in china. An unnamed theater official told reporters that at present most of the domestic cinema theaters are equipped with 3D equipment, all 3D class can also play 2D sources. Like "Afanda", "life of Pi" film is taken when using 3D technology, play the visual perception in 3D hall is very good. And like "machine"相关的主题文章: