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Primary school children adapt to the mother was quite anxious: 3 days lost 3 pounds – Beijing Ms. daughter Yaya this year primary school the first grade, from Monday school to the present children adapt well, Ms. look all day but mind is not fixed. "This morning I weighed one, said the 3 days I lost more than 3 pounds," Ms. Luo told reporters on the 24. The children go to school when the mother is very anxious to "three or four days in a row, I can see the thirty or forty mobile phone, for a moment about the child can open the lid, fruit drink no water, a brush class group of parents see the teacher didn’t notice, upload photos. Every day after lunch began to keep their mobile phone look at a few, afraid to pick up the kids late." After 80 ms. Luo said, I do not know why, the child to learn, I seem to be more nervous than her, I often worry about the day, after school to see someone else is nothing." Interestingly, Ms. Luo Department including 3 this year, Yaya, colleagues at the same time on the first grade primary school children. "We have a free exchange of things are going to school. I feel that both colleagues and the state of the day almost, yawning, often a daze." Ms. Luo said. The rest of the time to change the "bean bag" parents still "jet lag" Ms Ma’s son is the first grade primary school this year. 24, she told reporters that the children go to school, her former life law was completely disrupted. "I used to be love every day to send his son to kindergarten, children eat three meals a day in kindergarten, and between meals and fruits; at 4:30 in the afternoon I went to pick up the child, to the park for a while, so a day passed, very relaxed. It’s completely different now." Ms. Ma said that since Monday’s son started school, she gets up at 5:15 every day for the children to do breakfast, ready to fruit, with water; wake up her son 6, urging him to wash, eat breakfast at 6:50; must be on time to send him to the entrance of the bus waiting for the bus. Children usually 3:10 in the afternoon after school, Wednesday at half past two p.m.. My wife and I are working, both sides of the old man in the field, only to find a custody class to pick up the child, we take him home at night. Buy food, cook, eat dinner, eat every day is very late, very tired." Ms. Ma said before, son in kindergarten, she occasionally sleep late in the morning and night after the TV series, "now because every day to get up early, the evening meal posted my head on the pillow. This is the first year, 6 years of primary school, it is very difficult to think about." Expert: children to school parents also have a "psychological weaning period" the first grade parents of Freshmen’s psychological anxiety, mainly from the excessive focus on children’s school life. Then the children in kindergarten and school what is the difference? "Kindergarten children with games, activities, kindergarten teachers will often send some photos and videos of the children in the kindergarten, many parents are accustomed to this form. The primary school every day 6 to 7 classes, the teacher will not often send photos, parents will not be accustomed to." Changchun Liberation Road Primary School Teacher Wang Hong said, not only the children to be familiar with, adapt to primary school life, parents should adjust their attitude, from parents to primary school children to parents相关的主题文章: