The Double Ninth Festival approaching longevity longevity the password is hidden in the life —

The Double Ninth Festival approaching longevity longevity: the password is hidden in the life — Hainan window — not just a legend long old always have a story is not always the eternal pursuit of mankind, even the progress of science and technology today, not only the old legend; however, as long as it is long, always have a different story telling for posterity. As today we tell the "90" couple everyone, although the reason tells us that "I wish the same year on the same day of death" is just a coincidence. But we are still willing to believe that 70 years of marriage, is called a telepathic thing to let them on the same day riding a crane seselopsis; like today we tell you the "hundred years" the newly married couple, who said the courage to pursue their own happiness, not a long password; like today we tell you these four generations of old people, children are always concerned about the elderly, a family portrait, the frame is not only a moment, it is enjoyable for the inheritance of tradition. Countless people want to crack the longevity of the password. In fact, the longevity code hidden in the lives of these old people, waiting for us to find, to pursue. Today is the Double Ninth Festival, wish all the elderly health and longevity, happiness forever. Two people living with a couple of great beauty and longevity code, together with nine late than from the couple riding a crane seselopsis age difference of 12 days together for 70 years the night of October 7th, He Wenyu to his son and daughter finally told a few words, loosen your hands, close your eyes, a face of peace. About 1.5 hours later, her husband, Liu Wenquan, stopped breathing. Two old age is 12 days, at the end of this year will be over 90 years old, in 70 years of marriage, and finally died on the same day. He must wait until the children filial attendance before dinner in Chengdu city the Great Wall in Wuhou District Yi Yuan District, the elderly and children greeted condolences to relatives and friends in the hall, hall hanging side by side two old black and white photos, "come, smoke, with a little festivity." A younger man to greet guests, face not too much sadness. The old two to leave, the whole community has become a big event, this coincidence, I live here for most of my life, or the first encounter." Luo aunt at the banquet drink a few cups, flushed, recalled the elderly people’s life, full of praise. Liu Wenquan at the end of this year, 90 years old, the first month of next year, He Wenyu will usher in the birthday of the year of 90. According to custom, Liu Wenquan made a birthday this year, "we’re going to next to the old lady also do a birthday, or some regret." Wife Dan Xiaoli in the old man often sit balcony finishing old relics. At dinner, Liu Wenquan sat at the table, he could not open the seat. "If no one in the evening, we will go to the area surrounding the shout." Dan Xiaoli said, until the old to dinner, this is a home rule, is also have to wait until 12. Loving couple old lady with a stick meal for her husband into old age, two elderly people sleep less, 4 in the morning, they came to chat room voice, "are talking about the past. )相关的主题文章: