The driver red light was the top one hundred meters after the car driver was asleep (video)-htc802w

The driver red light was the top one hundred meters after the car driver was asleep in Henan daily news (reporter Cheng Yalong) 6 evening 11 pm, Ms. Wang in the city of Zhengzhou Zhengbian road and Station North Street intersection signal lamp suffered cry scene: a Audi car rear end, and top Wang Nv, BYD launched one hundred meters away. On the other side, the driver in the car. "If I put my foot on the brake, may be carried out farther." Ms. Wang said, Audi from the rear of the car crashed into the car, and did not stop, but pushing her car, along the Zhengbian Road West out hundred meters after the stop, the car two friends were injured, scared I can’t hit the phone after parking." The scene, Ms. Wang’s BYD hatchback rear sag, after the glass is broken, the damage to the front of the Audi car. After the incident, the Audi car, a middle-aged man in the driver’s seat to sleep, until the police rushed to knock on the window will wake up. Audi car driver in the traffic police asked, but said, "I was drinking, but I don’t have a car, the car has been parked there." Hear this, several witnesses to couldn’t help laughing, "drink what all don’t know, look at the Audi car hit the driver, he is." 7 afternoon, the Henan Daily reporter learned from the Zhengzhou Traffic Police Brigade four, Hu driver suspected of drunk driving, has been detained. (clues: Mr. Lu; fee: 50 yuan; report the phone: 0371-86088666) (Henan daily) video: female drivers cause accidents not to reverse the car and then don’t quibble reverse today: Zhengzhou thermal siblings abandoned underground cold shivering today hot smell: 90 girls beauty a beauty needle only the right eye blindness risk in Shangqiu net exposure of two female college students dormitory were gang fights truth exposed Zhengzhou Longhai Road Zijingshan road large crane operation site serious congestion Henan billionaire murder 16 years after DNA to obtain new evidence in the treatment of the heart of man is not happy at the nurse beaten hair

女司机等红灯被顶出百米 后车男司机竟在呼呼大睡河南商报讯(记者 程亚龙)6日晚11时许,在郑州市郑汴路与货站北街交叉口等信号灯的王女士遭遇惊魂一幕:一辆奥迪追尾其车后,又顶着王女士的比亚迪推行百米远。而另一边,肇事司机却在车内熟睡。“要不是我踩着刹车,可能会被推行得更远。”王女士称,奥迪车从后方撞上其车后,并没有停车,而是推着她的轿车,沿着郑汴路往西推行百米远后才停下,车上两个朋友受伤,“吓得我停车后打电话都不会打了。”现场,王女士的比亚迪两厢轿车尾部凹陷,后玻璃破碎,肇事的奥迪轿车车头损毁。事发后,肇事的奥迪车内,一名中年男子在驾驶位上呼呼大睡,直到民警赶到敲车窗才将其喊醒。而奥迪车司机面对交警询问,却称,“我是喝酒了,但我没开车呀,车一直在那儿停着呢。”听到这一说法,旁边几位目击者都禁不住笑了,“喝得啥都不知道了,看着奥迪车撞上的,司机就是他。”7日下午,河南商报记者从郑州交警四大队了解到,司机胡某涉嫌醉驾,目前已被拘留。(线索提供:吕先生;稿酬:50元;报料电话:0371-86088666)(河南商报)相关视频: 女司机倒车引发事故 狡辩不让倒车就别装倒车挡 今日热图:郑州小兄妹被遗弃地下通道 寒风中瑟瑟发抖今日热闻:90后女孩爱美打个美容针 不料右眼险失明网曝商丘两名女大学生宿舍内被群殴 真相曝光郑州紫荆山路陇海路大吊车作业 现场严重拥堵河南亿万富翁杀人疑案 16年后DNA获取新证男子在救治时心中不痛快 扯女护士头发殴打相关的主题文章: