The e-commerce leader Shanxi 8 months before sales amounted to 2000 million yuan sexhu

Houma electronic commerce in Shanxi before the August sales of about 20000000 yuan in Shanxi daily news (reporter correspondent Guo Yuqin Qin Mingzhong) 51 "Taobao rural" Houma city village service station, January to August this year, the cumulative sales reached about 20000000 yuan, of which sales in June ranked the first, the ninth. Since last year, Houma City e-commerce development rapidly, become our province Alibaba "million village" 1000 county electricity supplier network construction pilot city, identified by the national Ministry of Commerce for the e-commerce into the rural demonstration city ", to achieve more than a thousand people in rural village Amoy service station full coverage. "Right to buy" "good" Yi Jin Wo Mai "and other local commercial brands continue to grow. This year, in addition to the Alibaba "village of Amoy, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, mail and other business tycoon also settled in Houma, were built service center, the electricity supplier into the countryside, into the market, into the enterprise, into the community, showing a good situation, All flowers bloom together. diversified development, Alibaba in Shanxi Province as the only selected" 2015 the national electricity supplier Pokka county "in 2015 Chinese mass consumer online shopping the most active of the 50 county" thirty-fourth, June 2016 "village Amoy sales ranked first in the province, the country’s ninth. In order to promote e-commerce scale, standardized development, Houma has launched a new "Zhentong Electronic Commerce Industrial Park e-commerce public service center" and "electricity delivery industry park" 3 business projects, to promote the development of electronic commerce to a new level. Vibration through e-commerce Industrial Park, a total investment of 240 million yuan, covers an area of 100 acres, including e-commerce service building, goods display area, integrated services building, warehouse and other parts, including the operation of auto parts, machinery parts, textile, hardware accessories, daily necessities, grain and other goods category. At present, the main project such as office building has been completed, Yuantong logistics Houma distribution center has been completed and settled, and will soon be put into operation. The public service center of e-commerce has been built and put into operation in Shanxi immediately after the purchase of Agel Ecommerce Ltd. The electricity supplier delivery industry park, will be in Shanxi postal group Houma branch in the reconstruction of an office building and 15 thousand square meters of operation center. At present, combined with high-end online online shopping and offline mail delivery platform Tesco has been stationed in retail industry park. The Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person said, the next step, Houma will continue to organize the implementation of the electricity supplier million training project, through the industrial park construction, the formation of business clusters, to the development of electronic commerce in the province leading.

侯马电子商务领跑山西 前8月销售额达2000多万元   山西日报讯(记者郭玉琴 通讯员秦明忠)侯马市51个“农村淘宝”村级服务站,今年1月至8月累计销售额达到2000多万元,其中6月份销售额名列全省第一,全国第九。   去年以来,侯马市电子商务发展迅速,成为我省阿里巴巴“千县万村”电商网点建设试点市,被国家商务部确定为“电子商务进农村示范市”,实现了千人以上农村“村淘”服务站全覆盖。“马上购”“窝麦良品”“易晋”等本地电商品牌也不断发展壮大。今年,除了阿里巴巴“村淘”之外,京东、苏宁、邮乐购等电商巨头也落户侯马,分别建起了服务中心,电商进农村、进市场、进企业、进社区,呈现出百花齐放、多元发展的良好局面,被阿里巴巴评为山西省唯一入选的“2015年全国电商百佳县”“2015年中国大众网购消费最活跃的50个县”第34名,2016年6月“村淘”销售额名列全省第一,全国第九。为推进电子商务规模化、规范化发展,侯马市又新上马了“振通电子商务产业园”“电子商务公共服务中心”“电商寄递产业园”3个电商重点项目,推进电子商务发展迈上新台阶。   振通电子商务产业园,总投资2.4亿元,占地100亩,包括电子商务服务楼、货品展示区、综合服务楼、仓库等部分,经营范围包括汽车配件、机械配件、纺织品、五金配件、日用百货、粮油等商品种类。目前,办公楼等主体工程已经完工,圆通物流侯马分拨中心已经建成入驻,即将投入运营。电子商务公共服务中心已经在山西马上购电子商务有限公司建成并投入运营。电商寄递产业园,将在山西邮政集团侯马分公司内改建一栋办公楼和1.5万平方米的运营中心。目前,结合高端线上网购和线下零售的邮乐购平台已经进驻寄递产业园区。该市商务局负责人介绍说,下一步,侯马将继续组织实施电商万人培训工程,通过产业园建设,形成电商集聚区,继续领跑全省电子商务发展。相关的主题文章: