The final five game super girl Zhang Xiaoyu Li Yuchun

The final five game super girl Zhang Xiaoyu Li Yuchun "2016" Super Girls championship five Phoenix Entertainment News Tonight (August 27th) 19:30, "Super Girls 2016" Ninth finals will lead the audience into the world of "super girl". This "five into four" games will be hosted by the Taiwan star Mickey Huang mingzui. The fire caused by yellow male god Jam Hsiao, the God of rain, warm heart idol Ku Kui Kei, and international actress quiet together in the jury, "to guard the last hurdle before the final battle". Two months of fighting for time, as sister Shang Wenjie said: the players of the talent and skills is the competition is to be roughly the same, physical and mental. For four tickets for the "championship night", the country’s top five super girl Zhang Xiaoyu, 9, a circle, Wang Jinjin and Huang Xiyuan prepared, will be in the "world", enjoy to bring you the ultimate audio-visual. Huang Xiyuan style continuation of Mavis Fan classic remake was reversed for the key battle of this "missing", five chose to continue their super strong style, only slightly breakthrough in details. However, the theme of "fantasy world", for this group is full of youthful fantasy girls, a great play space. "Queen" Wang Jinjin to incarnate the aliens, bring avant-garde electronic music "doomsday sci-fi wind E· T". The handsome Huang Xiyuan will be turned into a vampire, leading the audience into Jay Chou’s "William castle". From the two dimension girl ring 9 is in this one theme looks like a duck. The first round of five strong wars, she will play the animation "Chibi Maruko" theme song. For the first Japanese songs, we may also feel a little strange, but it is the Chinese version of it, but no one knows. It is reported that the song was the famous musician Xu Changde lyrics, witch Mavis Fan cover, become a popular classic "known to every family attention stood". A fresh and lively style in children group is very popular. The 9 circle will appear at the same time the Japanese version and Chinese version, in the interpretation of small Witch childlike charm at the same time, to lead us into the two dimension of the wonderful world. Another song works with her, that she had in the super girls "hundred birth race" during sang "harmony angel". This song is in the two dimension in popular animation works, in the circle of 9 singing and to promotion of the top, this works by many fans forwarding, widespread. This time to re take the super girl stage, probably will cause a sensation. The circle radius of 9 to the end of Zhang Xiaoyu Li Yuchun will be elegant classic version of a copy by "Curve Wrecker" status, netizens for the gold from the bones revealed a noble princess, always curious. The radius in the finals singing of the elegant music, have said "don’t understand but always feel very badly". And tonight, Fangyuan is bringing contemporary rare musical masterpieces, "Notre Dame de Paris" in the "cathedral" era. The song from Bruno · Peltier (Bruno Pelletier). Since there are few female singers sing. Radius will be moved to the stage, not only to ordinary music lovers excited!相关的主题文章: