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See hope – Beijing, China News Agency, Seoul in September 1, the first World Cup in the Warring States period of foot away a ball lost South Korea regret (reporter Wu Xu) South Korean local time on 20 September 1st, 2018 Russia World Cup Asian zone qualifying tournament started in the 12 Seoul World Cup Stadium, China first team battle away 2 3 lost to South korea. Face has been scored 8 consecutive World Cup finals of the South Korean team, the Chinese team on the strength of a disadvantage. China and South Korea in the battle in the history of football, soccer Chinese the data are not against old rivals South korea. But in tonight’s game, the Orangemen still "mustering the effort with the South Korean team of the ups and downs of a contest. In the game, the South Korean team by two set pieces and flank attack opportunity once made 3 to 0 lead. But in the second half, China team Yu Hai and Hao Junmin in three minutes, scoring twice to help the country foot back into hope. The last 10 minutes of the game, national football coach Gao Hongbo for striker Gao Lin to strengthen the attack, but the two sides were not enough to break the country lost a ball. It is worth noting that this is the first match of the evening Gao Hongbo returned to the national team after the Korean War ". In 2010 the East Asian Football Championship, then coach Gao Hongbo led against South Korea, the Orangemen had 3 to 0 gain a complete victory. Although the "myth", but failed to continue the internationals in 0 to 3 behind when the attitude, let Gao Hongbo see hope. "In the 3 ball behind the situation, our team can quickly recover the ball, which is the performance of self-confidence two." Gao Hongbo said at the press conference after the game, I do not think the gap between the two sides is so great, but the Chinese team to return to Asia’s highest competitive stage, but also need to experience the process of adaptation." For such a result of the game, Gao Hongbo admits there are still not satisfied with the place. "I’m not happy with just two goals, we should have scored another two goals. After all, is the first game, we have to learn from the experience of the opponent." In this game, Chinese after the defense team’s performance is not satisfactory, for the mistakes, Gao Hongbo also take the initiative to bear responsibility, "tactics if there was an error, it should be the responsibility of the coach to play." Similar to Gao Hongbo’s attitude, a number of national team players have expressed regret after the game, but there is no lack of confidence and hope in the language. As Chinese team pulled a points Hao Junmin, if done well, the results would be more ideal. "But this is a start, there are 9 games, we will redouble our efforts." Captain Feng Xiaoting pointed out that the South Korean team as a whole and personal strength is stronger, especially offensive side. "We quickly adjusted to recover the two, but the results are still very sorry. Another 5 minutes, 10 minutes, we can even draw to win." That night, more than 50 thousand fans came to the World Cup Stadium to watch the Korean war". On the south side of the stadium bleachers were filled with a yellow coat, wearing a red China team fans, among them, Chinese and overseas Chinese in South Korea in the Korean students, more came from Chinese around for the Orangemen hardcore fans cheer". "Because there is no give up, so to create a miracle相关的主题文章: