The lone woman encounter robbery by deliberately vomiting from sexual assault

The lone woman encounter robbery by deliberately vomiting from sexual assault Jin (original title: Xuancheng lone woman robbed intentionally caused by the other party to give up sexual molestation and vomiting) news home no money even in the morning TV for the day before the robbery by money, Xuanzhou District People’s Court concluded robbery, forced molestation, three men from Henan, the defendant Zhang Jia, Zhang Yi Zhang Bingyin did not travel instantly robbed evil thought, the modus operandi of a seamless heavenly robe is unlikely to escape legal sanctions. When the clone car driving money "money" Zhang Jia, Zhang Yi, Zhang C department in Henan province family with the villagers, October 2015, because there is no source of income, three people in consultation ready to go to Zhejiang to earn money, Zhang C will drive your own car carrying two people came to Zhejiang Yiwu to the same village, another fellow. During more than a month in Yiwu, the three did not find a suitable job, they are still back to the home of Henan. Before starting the day, on the side of the road and found a seemingly abandoned van, three people can offer the truck unloading deck to take pictures, Zhang c hanging in the vehicle, avoid traffic violation pictures. The early morning of November 20, 2015, when three people driving a clone car returned to Henan via Xuancheng City home, they found that prior to the villagers have borrowed money on the way home, There is not much left., gas food money was no landing, this time an evil thought in triple sprout and hit it off, "why don’t you rob money when the money". Sure, three people slowly drove the vehicle forward, waiting for the target of crime. The lone woman into three goals while three people driving a clone car driving to a bus stop in Xuancheng City Development Zone, not far from a single woman Wang drunk with a black bag, from time to time to dial the phone, wobbly pacing forward. This scene is just not far from Zhang and other three people saw no one around, the three feel a rare opportunity, they have been driving behind the woman. Crafty Zhang Jia to prevent crime clues left, offer all three people with hats, masks and gloves, and drove to non motorized vehicles, to avoid being captured by video surveillance. When Wang walk to the bus station, found the rear has been trailing black car suddenly stopped, the car three men immediately get off straight Wang, Wang a foreboding arise spontaneously. Before Wang Huanguo to God, a man put the hands of Wang bag away, the other two men will be Wang to the back of the car towed, although Wang cling to the bus station post, but can not escape the doom pulled the car. At the same time, Zhang Jia told Zhang Bing immediately for the original car license plate, in order to avoid detection. The victim machine intelligent self-protection in order not to let Wang to see the situation, the vehicle car driving route, Zhang Jia and Zhang Yi Wang pressed down on the head, in search of Wang body and bag more than 1000 yuan in cash and a mobile phone, Wang begged three people don’t hurt his life and let her go. The face looks beautiful figure and unable to resist the Wang, the Zhang Jia and Zhang Yimeng another evil thoughts, and asked Wang three people turn sexual relationship. Wang was 8 in.相关的主题文章: