The man pretended to know the leadership of the province 810 thousand yuan fraud jailed for 11

The man pretended to know the leadership of the province 810 thousand yuan fraud jailed for 11 years 3 months, Hainan Special Zone Daily News, 39 year old Qionghai man Zhang Moubin only junior middle school education, but create multiple identities and various reasons, has fraud victim Cai Zhou and other 4 people, a total of 810 thousand yuan. Recently, Qionghai city court sentenced Zhang Moubin to imprisonment for fraud in eleven years and three months, and fined 10 thousand yuan. Reporter Chen Dong 1 "project contractor" to contract the earthwork, greening project needs cash flow on the grounds of fraud in front of a victim of CAI and weeks, Zhang Moubin’s identity is a "Contractor", often undertake various projects, is big business people. In January 2011, Zhang Moubin pretended to with others in the coastal city of Haikou to engage in road greening projects, need capital turnover, defrauding 100 thousand yuan cai. May 8, 2011, the defendant Zhang Moubin in order to have an urgent need for money on the grounds, defrauding Cai 10 thousand yuan. On April 2011, the defendant Zhang Moubin lied in Lingshui perfume Bay Area engage in earthwork, greening projects, the lack of funds on the grounds, and forged a housing mortgage to the victim Zhou, Zhou cheated 70 thousand yuan. 2 "who lied to recognize the leadership of the province, can help do card and fishing people in the CAI and Lee, Zhang Moubin is a" magic "of the" genius ", know the leadership, can clear relationships. Around September 2010, the defendant Zhang Moubin learned that the victim Cai want to apply for car rental permits, pretended to recognize leadership can help handle. After that, in order to apply for a car rental license fee, to pay the registration fee on the grounds, from September 2010 to October between the city of Haikou has defrauded a total of 90 thousand yuan cai. Around June 2011, the purchase index Zhang Moubin lied through the relationship to get somewhere in Haikou real estate, as long as 100 thousand Yuan Dingjin, thus defrauding 100 thousand yuan a week. After the incident, Zhang Moubin back to Zhou 9000 yuan. Around May 2015, Zhang Moubin learned that due to the sale of lottery Moumou criminal detention by public security organs, take the initiative to find Moumou father Lee, lied to their understanding of the provincial leadership, can help Lee for bail. In order to allow his son to come out early, Lee agreed to let Zhang Moubin help handle. Zhang Moubin to run the relationship between the cost of the grounds, from May 2015 to July, has three times a total of defrauding Lee 190 thousand yuan. After the incident, Zhang Moubin returned to Lee 10 thousand yuan. 3 "rosewood buyers" fabrication of facts and figures, by the sale of rosewood fraud 250 thousand yuan in front of the victim liangmou couple, Zhang Moubin incarnation of the "rosewood buyers". Around November 2015, Zhang Moubin told a couple of the beam, just from a leading place to spend 600 thousand yuan to buy a rosewood chair and some of the pear tree, to buy the rosewood chair to spend 250 thousand yuan, is currently prepared by friend "Wang Ming" (the fictional) on the wooden club to chair the Beijing auction, at least to the auction to 800 thousand yuan, removed and donated to the temple booth fee can earn hundreds of thousands.相关的主题文章: