The man threatened to have the ability to run over owed wages I was driving over the

The man threatened to have the ability to run over owed wages I was killed by a fellow driving Joe Zhangjiakou city is a scrap metal recycling station owner, with a forklift, usually nothing is often used to help people carry things to earn forklift service charges. One day, fellow villager Chen let him help with a forklift to carry stones, agreed labor costs 800 yuan. After the completion of the work, Joe and Chen drink together to eat, then Joe to Chen to 800 yuan fee, Chen said we are fellow townsman, you also drink and eat, and I won’t give you money. Joe says this can’t be done. Chen anxious, said I will not give you, you have the ability to drive a forklift ran me over. Due to drinking, Qiaomou really went to the forklift for scaring him, who knows Chen not only hide, also went to the forklift, forklift was killed. See the dead, Qiaomou fled to Gansu Lanzhou his son’s residence, will run over people told the son Joe, Joe took his father Qiaomou arrangements hiding in his community, after being arrested by public security organs. The results of the two generations for Joe by the court to the crime of harboring sentenced to ten months imprisonment, suspended for one year. Legal links: article 310th of the criminal law: "knowing it is a crime and its hiding place, property, to help them escape, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control; if the circumstances are serious, more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of ten years."

男子拖欠工钱扬言有本事轧死我 被老乡开车轧死   乔某是张家口市一个废旧金属回收站的老板,有一台铲车,平时没事经常用铲车帮人搬运东西赚点劳务费用。一天,老乡陈某让他帮忙用铲车给搬运石头,约定劳务费用800元。干完活后,乔某和陈某一起喝酒吃饭,这时乔某就向陈某要800元钱费用,陈某说咱们是老乡,你也喝酒吃饭了,钱我就不给你了。乔某说这不行。陈某急了,说我就不给你,有本事你开铲车把我轧死。由于喝了酒,乔某还真去开了铲车准备吓唬他,谁知陈某不但不躲,还向铲车走去,结果被铲车轧死。   看到人死后,乔某逃到甘肃兰州他儿子的住处,将轧死人的事告诉了儿子小乔,小乔就把父亲乔某安排在他住的小区里藏匿,后被公安机关抓获。结果父子俩同堂受审,小乔被法院以窝藏罪判处有期徒刑十个月,缓刑一年。   法律链接:   刑法第310条规定:“明知是犯罪的人而为其提供隐藏处所、财物、帮助其逃匿的,处三年以下有期徒刑、拘役或者管制;情节严重的,处三年以上十年以下有期徒刑。”相关的主题文章: