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The meeting notice | CAF100 Asset Securitization Product Standards Committee the first Academic Salon? Xiamen – Sohu financial invitation dear guests: Chinese asset securitization 100 forum, the forum for non-governmental, non-profit organization focused on financial academic research, policy and practice of asset securitization, is committed to China assets the securitization of frontier theory construction and academic research, is committed to the integration and development of building construction asset securitization ecosystem. The establishment of the Chinese asset securitization forum · product standards committee will focus on product standard of credit asset securitization and corporate asset securitization, demonstrates the necessity of asset securitization products standardization construction, and discusses the implementation and path of standardization construction. Due to this special invitation from regulators, academics and market participants in the leader to participate in the formation of product standards committee and academic research, power " standard " rapid development of asset securitization, the contribution of wisdom to build interactive, multi-party cooperation platform. Shun Zhu xia! "Contemporary financier" magazine editorial department in August 29, 2016 sponsored by China asset securitization 100 forum of Xiamen International Financial Technology Co. Ltd. Xiamen international trading center of financial assets "contemporary" Academic Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai financier to support the high level financial institute of Xiamen University Renmin University of China International Monetary Institute Research Institute of Gold Round agenda (drawn) Moderator: General Manager Chen Lei Xiamen International Financial Technology Co. Ltd. guests: about 30 people (September 7th, Wednesday morning closed door discussion) 9:30 – 9:45 keynote speakers: the purpose and plan of Asset Securitization Product Standards Committee: Product Standards Committee Deputy Executive Director Chen Lei – 9:45 10:00 keynote: credit asset securitization products standard of Li Wen rijpkema global law firm partner 10:00 – 10:15 keynote: real estate finance and asset securitization products standard of speaker: week to rise and the capital managing partner of 10:15 11:05 – a roundtable discussion: "asset securitization products standardization the construction and development report" host: Zhang Haiyun director of the center for research on financial market foreign trade university speakers: (speaking time 5-6 minutes) Wang Jianzhao Beck McKenzie Fen Xun · law firm partner Ma Tian Yi Industrial Bank investment banking asset securitization at the head of the left fly Merchants Securities Investment Bank headquarters executive director, innovation The Ministry of Finance deputy general manager Yan Wentao CCXI credit rating director Zhang Chi, deputy general manager, general manager of Changan International Trust Company Limited capital market department Yao Yao Xiamen International Financial Technology Co. Ltd. note相关的主题文章: