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"The Mekong River action" exposure "lecture" special Lin Chaoxian director Eddie Peng Zhang Hanyu – All Star Entertainment Sohu domineering debut [Click to view HD Photo]   Sohu entertainment news produced by the Bona film group, directed by Lin Chaoxian, Huang Jianxin, Zhang Hanyu, producer Liang Fengying, Eddie Peng starred in the blockbuster "police action" action of Mekong River on September 30th. Release, and held a press conference in Beijing in August 24th. Conference on the same day, director Lin Chaoxian for driving the later failed to reach the conference site in Thailand, but he passed a VCR to express his feelings to the person behind the scenes also exposed a lot of dirt, surprising to discover that the "devil director" in the play the actors all sorts of torture, but off screen tough and tender, and therefore to be the National Archives "detonated the Mekong" increasingly expect.     combat squad listing N sins director Zhang Hanyu was child addicted to Eddie Peng in the movie "schadenfreude" "action" in the Mekong River, high rigidity (Zhang Hanyu) led by intelligence officer Fang Xinwu (Eddie Peng ornaments), pioneer Xie Wenfeng (Liu Xianda ornaments), Fu Baowei (drone warfare legislation in the decoration) who composed "drug squad", often in the tropical heat in heaven and earth, close combat and fight together, and play these thrills, people shouted fun action scenes, but really the actors "torture" miserable. "We all know that love is the forest guide, fitness, sports Master, often" abuse "actor filming, but he is restless, actor in front of the camera, he played at the back of the monitor, often riding a motorboat driving a car in the studio to run, let these actors very stressful." Responsible for the "battle" of the "anti drug squad captain Zhang Hanyu at the conference site broke the news in the film, the director let him put on at least 60 pounds of equipment to play play," zero to 40 degrees Celsius hot weather, let me wear the outfit sprint after my dog, my legs were trembling! The director said, ‘you can hurry up!’ I said, "well, OK Le!" Later, I heard that one day, when I was in the absence of the director to wear the clothes in a circle, and then no longer let me run things." Although the way the shooting is yaoyating over, but Zhang Hanyu admits by Lin Dao "abuse" feeling really fun! "I’m willing to do it again!" Which is the third time the experience of director Lin Chaoxian Eddie Peng of the "be brutal and inhuman" training is much more relaxed, even in the field of Zhang Hanyu’s "in the" devil training "schadenfreude": "this is the third time I was Lin Dao an ordeal, but it is the most relaxing time, one is because I used to his" abused ", because there are two brother Zhang Hanyu with me ‘abuse’, so comfortable a lot!" The play child kept off screen tender Dante Lam will continue to "the devil". Although Lin Chaoxian "devil director" reputation, but a VCR is "the day he sent to the conference broadcast live style mutation, is full of words between the" behind the scenes of the movie and the tough guy ""相关的主题文章: