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The most beautiful autumn S103 dart weekend trip, don’t start fall away – tourism Sohu before the age of thirty I think the car has been important than the house. As long as the engine, the car flow of music, bound for the front, with the unknown direction, beautiful on the road. The most beautiful in the China Village — Huizhou, hidden self driving such a beautiful autumn road. It is the Huizhou provincial highway S103, a road across the – Hongcun – Bishan – Xidi, each section of names, names are the poetic. This way, all that is about to slip away: like the charming autumn Bishan Village Road golden rice up like a black and white horse red arrows like those on the wall last almost forgotten the countryside up like everywhere desolate old house and the rusty iron gate up like weeds in the lyrics like: those of wheat and potatoes rape may give you directions. While the tail of the autumn, a weekend of time, go to the most beautiful autumn Huizhou car S103 road. China’s most beautiful autumn are hidden in this village a small weekend can take up the ancient city of Huizhou, also known as the ancient city of Shexian. One of the four ancient cities in china. Huizhou District in the preservation of Huizhou ancient buildings and more than 300, eight mid water, half farm and Manor "pillow North Mount Huangshan, South Baiyue, surrounded by mountains, Tao Yuanming peach source. The poetry like "Yixian County small Taoyuan haze 100 lane, many people are still dressed in ancient spirits of trees". Since love to watch the documentary, Huizhou, I have to go to the destination list. Always think that to keep a history of the town, probably some mysterious veiled. The town, which is out of line with the progress of modern civilization. || autumn in Huizhou – the most beautiful village road in autumn in ancient Huizhou, with a stunning insufficient for the word. The bird with the flying cloud, golden straw Valley, a brilliant horse under the wall out of the persimmon unwilling to remain out of the limelight in the blue sky and white clouds, and the quiet long alley, time away so quietly. If you’re not around the mountain streams in the wild side of the road stop words in this season, maybe you missed the most beautiful country scene. || country and folk – wheat and straw to Huizhou you this year, and finally the occasion to link the folk music festival! Exciting in the fall or slightly waving in the ancient town of Huizhou. Although forced in September, the Zhoushan wet music festival scene, did not say anything. This time he was the husky soulful and rare? So, confided in the end of October in the Huizhou country music festival. He said that to do such a small town in the village of live, he is happy to accept and feel meaningful, better than many of the field in Beijing, Shanghai. His last visit was 16 years ago. I love Huizhou, a bit like my hometown Jintan County, he did not go on, it should be the love of the countryside and miss it. On the beauty of the country, on the second day of the S103 Road, Ma Tau wall of orange red, the golden wheat fields, rivers and mountains of Huizhou building, have to相关的主题文章: