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The most beautiful Chinese logo design TOP5 first name you never know! Auto – Sohu in recent years, Chinese automobile has rise, but today, some of the domestic car logo is still tucao. In fact, every car brand has its own history, the best performance of the brand logo and the meaning of the spirit of enterprise. Chinese car prices, of course, also have a good brand LOGO design, DearAuto in many domestic car LOGO elected the most praise of the TOP 5, look at it! TOP 5 the liberation of Chairman Mao personally named, is a trademark of handwritten Chairman Mao as the "Liberation Daily" inscription "liberation" two words. TOP 4 southeast car peng from the southeast, flying world". The logo is one of the southeast car LOGO the most visual impact, "the design of the head, the bird" from the southeast towards the head, showing a flying posture, showing initiative and strong, strong ability of enterprises. TOP 3 a lot of people know that Dongfeng Dongfeng automobile logo is the "button", then why is the swallow? The implication is that the swallow is sent by the east wind, where there is a swallow, there must be dongfeng. On behalf of Chinese swallow in the traditional culture is auspicious, nimble dexterity, flying all over the country, with firm and indomitable perseverance. TOP 2 qoros as a completely independent research and development, to the world-renowned Chinese automobile brand, logo design to the view of course not disappointing. View of the unique square LOGO design broke the conventional, and its view of the car company’s unique temperament coincide. The first letter Q represents the quality (Quality), showing the concept of brand innovation. TOP 1 red flag beacon beacon shape at all times and in all countries the one and only! Is the world’s most beautiful logo. In the hearts of the Chinese people, this elegant red flag is the most sacred car brand LOGO. END相关的主题文章: