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The network paid extra lessons for a vest why hot summer education original title: network paid makeup for a vest why the hot summer of August 18th, after ten days of network makeup, dawn (a pseudonym) could not help reach a stretch said: "finally released!" A few hours before she was sitting at home in front of the computer, wearing a headset down doing physical notes, the teacher explained the procedure of screen online physical and mechanical questions on a writing board, with red writing almost fills the entire screen. "It is our physics teacher who teaches on the computer." Dawn said, this is her high school specifically for them this session of students "network teaching live classroom". In half a month for the first year of high school mathematics teacher, English and other subjects difficult, error prone points for students to review teaching. In the Ministry of education to continue throughout the primary school "paid makeup" issued a ban on the occasion, the summer vacation has many high school students and the morning, bid farewell to the traditional line up, have to embrace online lessons. A new type of makeup "vest for a network of Internet technology catch-up on express, bypassing the" no compensation order "in primary and middle schools across the summer vacation. "Good" blossom everywhere in Jiangsu and Zhejiang in June this year, studying in Zhejiang Ling’an middle school experimental class of dawn and class more than 40 students are about to enter a new high school received the teacher issued a notice of Ling’an middle school experience lessons, the school will try to run the classroom in the air in the two experiment class of the new senior high school". Experience courses shortly after school to the new school students issued a notice of commencement of summer air classroom. Notice that, in order to comply with the Zhejiang new college entrance examination reform and better adapt to the high school stage of elective subjects in learning, especially organized school outstanding young teachers, the creation of mathematics, English, physics, history of the 8 subjects in the classroom in the air this summer. Reporter access to public information that this is called "air classroom" platform provided by a method called "winupon class network" online education website, the copyright belongs to the Zhejiang winupon education Polytron Technologies Inc, school teachers live online teaching through this platform, students use Android mobile phone terminal and computer can in any network where the lecture. The notice also mentioned by the Zhejiang winupon education platform consulting service fee charged by Polytron Technologies Inc, in accordance with the 10 yuan class, 1 class, 1 hours per class, math, English and other 120 yuan for each subject, history and politics of each 50 yuan. Reporter login winupon after the net to see hung with schools not only Hangzhou Xuejun Middle School of Shaoxing, a medium key middle schools in Zhejiang Province, including Suzhou, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province experimental middle school middle school in Jiangsu haimen. Have their own exclusive class page of each school, on many Chinese, mathematics, physics, history and other courses, according to the time length of each course price in 50 ~ 600 yuan. For example, the new Hangzhou Xuejun high school sophomore summer class history courses, a total of 3 classes, each class is 1.5 hours long, the price is 120 yuan. Suzhou)相关的主题文章: