The old classmate is gone, his children come to us

"Old classmates go, his children to keep our original title:" old classmates go to raise his children, we recently from Hubei, Zhao Ying of Xiangyang, with 3 altar brewed Yellow Wine, went to a grateful about. She finally made up for 13 years of regret: to see after the death of her husband Li Chuanshu, has been quietly helping their mother and daughter of more than 30 husbands. "Thank you! Thank you for these old classmates, in 13 years, gave my daughter selfless love!" The 30 anniversary of graduation 82 rubber engineering at the Hubei University of Technology’s party, Zhao Ying choked several times. "Although most people still meet for the first time, but it is my benefactor." One night before the party, Zhao Ying has repeatedly look at these classmates photos, each person’s name by heart. In April 20, 2003, travel to Wuhan, Hubei in Xiangyang Li Chuanshu to Suizhou, unfortunate accident, was rushed to a local hospital. Two days later, Li Chuanshu died at the age of 39. Before departure, Li Chuanshu had a meeting with the old squad leader of the University of Li Xuefeng. In Wuhan, Li Xuefeng has not wait until his message, call the past learned the bad news. News spread, in Wuhan, Ezhou, Xiangyang, several students immediately rushed to the hospital. When the SARS, the students wearing masks, take the train arrived in Xiangyang, send the last course of old classmates. At that time, Zhao Ying in Xiangyang, a less prosperous plastic factory work, wages are not high. Pillar of the family down, leaving 12 year old daughter Nan Nan. Thinking about the future of the day, she felt the sky collapsed, a few desire to go with the husband. The students side comfort Zhao Ying, while the temporary 5000 yuan together to help her emergency. Back to Wuhan, as the old monitor Li Xuefeng has not put heart: orphans, how to do this later? Li Xuefeng and Zhu Zhiyong, Zhang Yongchang and other classmates after discussion, decided to set up a family rescue fund, after Nannan tuition for various large expenses from the inside out, to ensure that Nannan education and life is not affected, to help the daughter through. "The old classmate is gone, his children come to us!" This initiative, and soon got the class and the teacher in charge of the warm support. We have generous remittances from from all sides. "In the United States, Li Xiaoqiong first time to call, send 1000 yuan; Qiu Hua in Canada, Yue Mingzheng sent $200; the teacher in charge, Johnson UK’s former chief scientist Dr. Liu Zuifang immediately sent 100 pounds……" Open the computer, counting from a Bibi classmates donation, visible before the eyes of Li Xuefeng. Since then, it was named as the "Book fund family rescue fund, four were launched in 2003, donations in 2008, 2011, 2012, unified remitted to the hands of Li Xuefeng old monitor. Over the past 13 years, more than 30 people in the class Zhao Ying mother and daughter raised more than $5.6. "The 2003 book died 2008 Nannan university……" Open the books, Li Xuefeng made a detailed record of each donation for each student. From the beginning of 2003, Nan Nan junior high school to the University before each semester, Li Xuefeng will fight the money. Nan Nan University相关的主题文章: