The old man to grab the child shop at the mall due to drinking and decreased vision-纪元1701

The old man to grab the child shop at the mall: due to drinking and decreased visual acuity at the scene: the old man to admit children caused by both parents at the Beijing Youth Daily News September 14th, September 12th, users micro Bo said, a shopping center in Financial Street, the elderly have openly snatch other people’s children, the scene movement is very large. The afternoon of September 13th, Financial Street shopping center, the official responded that this is a misunderstanding, old customers due to drinking and visual reasons, others mistakenly considered children their own children, then place in the competition for children. Xicheng police said, after a dispute, after police work, both sides reached a settlement and leave the scene. The user released the micro-blog show, the evening of September 12th, the Financial Street shopping center has openly snatch other people’s children, the scene is very large. Later, the move alerted the other people in the shopping center, the child was robbed by security guards. The police asked, one old man said eye problems, admit passers-by children for their own children. This netizen told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the matter is more than 8 of his friends that night in Financial Street shopping center to see. It quoted a friend as saying that the old man shouted "grab the child", also caught her hair. 13 afternoon, the Financial Street shopping center responded to the matter, said the center of the old man did not happen on, but this is a misunderstanding. Shopping center, 8 o’clock that night, in the shopping center at an old customer due to drinking and vision, mistaking other children as their own children, children and parents mistakenly believe that traffickers, so happened for children’s event. The first time after the incident, the security of the shopping center and the floor manager rushed to the scene and alarm. After the parties to negotiate, to resolve the misunderstanding, and did not require further intervention of the police. BYD reporter learned from the Xicheng police department was informed that in September 12th 20, Xicheng Bureau said the next report to the police in Xicheng District, Financial Street shopping center basement is a dispute. After the alarm, police immediately deployed police to the scene disposal. After the police investigation, tourists with their parents, parents Zhang and his wife and 7 people, to Financial Street shopping mall, Zhang father because of bad eyesight mistaken for another field age and dress similar children for their grandchildren, causing the other parents misunderstanding, the two sides dispute. After police work, the two sides reached a settlement on the scene to leave.相关的主题文章: