The only son died and father hit three telephone or by exert to do a foolish thing in the new networ

The only son died and father hit three telephone or by exert to do a foolish thing in the new network Xiaoxiang Morning News intern reporter Zhou Lingru reported Changsha "wife died in 20 years, I was an only child, is now gone, I don’t know what to look forward to life……" Slow speed the 54 year old Mr. zheng. In late September 23rd 11 pm, Changsha County Chunhua Town Qu? Bridge, a young man jumped into the river. The next morning, the remains were salvaged. He is the son of Zheng, before the accident is under 27 years old. Zheng said that after his son’s girlfriend pregnant, his son wanted to get married, but subject to economic constraints, things do not go well. Before the incident, his son gave him a 3 phone call, hoping to help raise the house down payment, but he was limited by economic conditions, powerless. Unexpectedly, after the three call, the father and son in this farewell. I hope the father to help pay for the house Shoufu "23, 4 in the afternoon, my son phoned me, asked me if I could give him ten raise pay Shoufu, he wanted to buy a house in the city of Yueyang." Mr. Zheng, who lives in Yueyang, build their own roads in a local highway, usually also run the business friction. His family condition is not good, no house, has been rented in a dozen square meters of rental housing. Xiao Zheng generally live in aunt or uncle home. "I told him I had no money, and that I would spend it on him as long as I had money." Mr. Zheng said, more than a month ago, the son came to Changsha County Chunhua Town, to work in a factory, a monthly salary of two thousand or three thousand yuan. Not long after, his son’s girlfriend Lin (a pseudonym) also came to Changsha, and later, she found herself pregnant, back to Yueyang home. Friend Mr. Leng Xiao Zheng, Xiao Zheng character is very introverted, and girls will blush before the speech, the first half of this year, he worked in Yueyang for an insurance company, she and colleagues talked about love, "he states, two people should have fun". "A few days ago, on Tuesday, I received his phone, he said to take me to your wedding feast." Mr. Leng said, according to his understanding, she has more than and 50 days pregnant, her family hope that two people have a certain economic base after marriage, and want to leave this child Xiao zheng. Ready to take off the child and strive for a few years 23 afternoon, Mr. Zheng and his son after the end of the first phone call, and received a phone call from his son. Mr. Zheng introduced, the son told him on the phone, so he did not worry, said to be ready to let the children take off, the first serious work, struggling for several years. "I was thinking, if you want to go around home, talk about things, after all, my son is 27 years old, who didn’t want him to hurry to get married?" Mr. Zheng recalled, in June this year when his birthday, she also specially invited him to eat a meal. In his impression, although he only ate a few times with rice, but she is a good girl, "I know the situation of our family, she is willing to be with my son". Mr Cheng said, from around Changsha after returning to Yueyang, he bought tobacco and fruit, with his son and nephew Lin Linjia to visit, to discuss the marriage thing, but the result is not optimistic, the family did not say around opposition, too.相关的主题文章: