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"The owl boy" ten years of production: lofty goals do not take shortcuts. Many famous works have bounced a little in common: the final product greatly disappointed people. "Spore" is will · Wright (Will) to try to simulate the evolution of life forms, players will control the life from the microbial stage to the development of civilization in space. The game took 8 years to complete, but there is still a considerable distance from the original promise. Much anticipated "" (Too Human) after 9 years of carving, from the initial PlayStation to Nintendo GameCube exclusive, eventually landing Xbox, becoming a mediocre work. The notorious repute "Duke Nukem Forever" (Duke Nukem Forever) experienced financial difficulties and lawsuits, 15 years, and the game from rotten to the final release to the public for the first time in a complete mess. "The owl boy" (Owlboy) in early 2007 has been published, and the development cycle is almost par — from concept works, making the 2D horizontal version of the game time was over 10 years. It has also been the focus of attention. In 2010, the Norway games Award (Norwegian Game Awards) named game of the year, a year later, the first publicly released demo, widely praised by. Later, in the 2015 Game Developers Conference, the game was "Best in Play" award, and was elected in September of this year’s PAX West exhibition. "The owl boy" and other works too much publicity is similar, but their similarities only this. Because in the end, the production of the "owl boy" is great, has been widely praised. We can not help but ask: D-Pad Studios, which is located in Norway, the team of 5 people, how to reverse the expansion of the industry trend of bankruptcy? One reason for this,  , is that the reason for the drag on the development of an owl boy is quite different from the other. Of course, they have not been able to avoid the occurrence of a small farce, such as the original programmer left the project in 2009, but this is not much more than the huge budget and legal proceedings. On the contrary, "owl boy" level designer Adrian · Bauer (Adrian Bauer) explained that the studio until 2010 formally established, the team uses a custom XNA engine, and the engine until about 2012, to stabilize and optimize good. The accidental death of family members and overwork also caused some delay. In addition, as a sideline, they also Savant and Norway musicians, in 2013 released a game named "Savant – Ascent". But these are not the main reasons for the extension of owl boy. The truth is quite simple and admirable. "Our lofty goal, don’t want shortcuts.".相关的主题文章: