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Home-and-Family Wine Courses and Workshops at the Amsteltuin Vineyard Although Amsterdam is quiet a busy village in itself, its good to know that theres an easy escape with a more laidback lifestyle which can be found in the nearby village of Amstelveen. There you can find the only Dutch vineyard near Amsterdam, the Amsteltuin vineyard, which gives out courses and workshops about wine. Request for a group tour in advance in order to see the full capacity of the vineyard. If you want a sample of their work, arrangements will have to be made prior as Amsteltuin is still in the experimentation stage with some of their wines and grapes. In the more warm-weathered months, one can enjoy a barbecue and buffet from the staff if wished. Otherwise, just prepare to spend a day under their trees, sipping wine and watching the day go by on their large patios and terraces. The Vineyard is also used as a care centre for the disabled. Eat, Shop and Relax in Westerpark, Amsterdam The most obvious answer, of course, is to lounge around in its famed Westerpark, a huge sprawl of grassland where one can sit down and watch the waterscape or have a picnic with friends. But aside from Westerpark itself, there are many cinemas, galleries, unique structures, restaurants and cafes to go to. For starters, one can visit the different unique architectural styles found at the Amsterdam School and Silodam. Silodam is a beautiful structure that was designed by one of the award-winning architectural greats, MVRDV, which looks like a crate of boxes suspended on water. After the foot tour, go to a restaurant, maybe WestergasTerras where a nice view awaits through their terraces or to Rainarai for some authentic Algerian cuisine. For those on a budget, one can try the Caf Restaurant Amsterdam which serves delicious hearty meals in what used to be a 1900s engine room. See you there! The Design World in Amsterdam Really, when so much freedom has been inculcated in a place, its no wonder that the mind can roam free without inhibitions of the conventional. The Design and Art world in Amsterdam is quite .mendable having progressed in leaps and bounds in the last few years, from professional industrial designers to amateur artists. It helps, of course, that one of the most prestigious schools of design is also found here, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where some of the most talented students in all of Europe study courses such as fashion design, graphic design, architecture, textile design, jewelry design and even special departments such as photography and ceramics. Dont forget to take in the retail stores too as most artists have set up shop here. There are many design stores in the area to suit the fancy of many tourists, selling both functional pieces and art for arts sake such as the Moooi Gallery, Droog at Staalstrrat, Woonstudio, Mobilia, Pols Potten, the Frozen Fountain and Bebob design in Prinsengracht, giving shoppers a chance to choose some of the best works to fit their interiors and lifestyle. Where Architectural Enthusiasts should go in Amsterdam For those with an itching for great architecture, youll be surprised at the many offerings Amsterdam has in place in Oostelijk Havengebied. Also considered as the Eastern Docklands, there are many functional and impressive buildings found in Oostelijk. For one, Oostelijk is where many major cruise liners dock temporarily or start their tour, using Passengers Terminal Amsterdam, an all glass structure made to look like a wave, an impressive display of what designers can do given the freedom. Theres also Loods 6 which was once the departure hall of the Royal Dutch Steam Ship .pany and is always worth the visit as there are many artists that collaborated on the project such as Horn and van den Steene to make this the historical structure it is today. Another impressive structure is found beside the River IJ, the Music building, which is home to many concerts with a restaurant and caf on the side for convenience. Lastly, dont to check out Pythonbrug, a red bridge made to look like a snake slithering through the waters. Check them out, and youll earn wise points in terms of design. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: