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The real Lu Xiaoman: do not who is attached with talent to stand – Beijing, Lu Xiaoman mentioned, people first thought is that she and Xu Zhimo love story. A speech like LiuXiaoMan, Mancheng wind Xu, waving how. However, meso LiuXiaoMan life, will find that there are many misunderstandings. She is also the great lady of noble descent, versatile. Lu Xiaoman since childhood by the parents, are proficient in painting and calligraphy, and very fond of Opera Dance, good at English language, at the age of 17 should be the Beiyang Government foreign affairs chief Gu Weijun was invited to help the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reception, as an interpreter, since the famous Peking society, become a beautiful landscape of Beijing city. We can see from the "Lu Xiaoman poem?? painting" in the text and pictures, see a smile, Yi Yi Chen and Lu Xiaoman love. Many of Lu Xiaoman’s literary works in the times of the Republic of China magazine, to collect criticism brought a lot of difficulty, so relatively intact is her diary and letters. "Mancini diary" records from March 1925 to July LiuXiaoMan between mood and life. The contents are vivid, as if straight from the heart, a girl in my innermost secrets. "I nearly everyday dream of you, dream of you give me a lot of friction, plum, red, fragrant, sweet, wake up everything is not, but then my eyes still closed to move (for fear of alienating the sweet dreams)……" Also, spoiled straightforward: "I heard people say, the couple will not too good hair, do you believe? Or do you sometimes pretend not to love me, OK?" Lu Xiaoman’s paintings, for the traditional Chinese painting style, landscapes, figures, flowers and birds are. Although not intuitive portrayal, but its style and some inscription information, also can see its character and state of mind at the time. Her early paintings show run cute, a girl is clever; in later works in the boundless atmosphere, it gradually out of open mindedness and self post; and she also published the irony of Lin Whei-yin in Bing Xin’s "our wife’s living room" and sent to a "red skull", really interesting. "The painting" Lu Xiaoman poetry?? let us see a real Lu Xiaoman, also let us see a complete independent Lu Xiaoman, her writing is smooth and beautiful, elegant in her paintings see Kung fu. Shown from these works, is an independent Lu Xiaoman, she is Xu Zhimo’s wife, she doesn’t have to who is dependent, her talent in literary history can be remembered for a foothold.相关的主题文章: