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China city planning and development of the "road map" – clear future city construction in financial Sohu skyscraper "Seagull", "landmark than strange" phenomenon will be curbed. 21, the State Council issued the "opinions" on Further Strengthening the administration of city planning and construction, and points out that the future will be a serious violation of city planning should be accountable, refused to "ocean strange" building, and clearly our country will in principle no longer closed residential construction, strictly control the development zone and the city district set up specific outline our next time the city to promote the development of the "schedule" and "road map". This document is also a supporting document for the central city working conference. "Opinions" pointed out that at present our country city planning and construction management also has some problems: the city planning prospective, seriousness, compulsion and openness is not enough, city building greed, Mei Yang, seeking to blame the other chaos, lack of characteristics, cultural heritage is worrying; city construction of the blind pursuit of the expansion of the scale, intensive degree is not high enough; city governance according to law, illegal construction, major demolition and construction problems, inadequate supply of public products and services, environmental pollution, traffic congestion and other urban diseases "is spreading seriously. "Opinion" points out that urban planning plays an important role in strategic guidance and rigid control in urban development. It is necessary to determine urban positioning and plan urban development from the height of regional, urban and rural coordination. Strengthen the control of space development, delimit the boundary of urban development, guide the regulation of city size according to the resource endowment and environmental carrying capacity, optimize the urban spatial layout and form function, and determine the binding index of urban construction. To strengthen the linkage between urban master planning and overall land use planning, and to explore urban planning management and land and resources management departments in a conditional city. (down to Second Edition) author: Liang Qian

我国城市规划发展“路线图”明晰-搜狐财经   未来城市建设中摩天楼“赛高”、地标“比怪”的现象将得到有效遏止。21日,国务院发布《关于进一步加强城市规划建设管理工作的若干意见》,指出未来违反城市规划将被严肃追责,地方应拒绝“大洋怪”建筑,并明确我国将原则上不再建设封闭住宅小区,严控开发区和城市新区设立,具体勾勒了我国未来一段时间城市发展推进的“时间表”与“路线图”。该文件也是中央城市工作会议的配套文件。  《意见》指出,目前我国城市规划建设管理中还存在一些突出问题:城市规划前瞻性、严肃性、强制性和公开性不够,城市建筑贪大、媚洋、求怪等乱象丛生,特色缺失,文化传承堪忧;城市建设盲目追求规模扩张,节约集约程度不高;依法治理城市力度不够,违法建设、大拆大建问题突出,公共产品和服务供给不足,环境污染、交通拥堵等“城市病”蔓延加重。  《意见》指出,城市规划在城市发展中起着战略引领和刚性控制的重要作用,要从区域、城乡整体协调的高度确定城市定位、谋划城市发展。加强空间开发管制,划定城市开发边界,根据资源禀赋和环境承载能力,引导调控城市规模,优化城市空间布局和形态功能,确定城市建设约束性指标。加强城市总体规划和土地利用总体规划的衔接,在有条件的城市探索城市规划管理和国土资源管理部门合一。(下转第二版)  作者:梁倩相关的主题文章: