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Business The hit movie "The Secret" has inspired millions around the world to use the Law of Attraction to make their lives successful. Most of them, however, fail to make positive changes in their personal development. They can not effectively implement the law of attraction because they get entrapped in their current reality trap. Like most people, your dominant thoughts are usually about your daily worries, fears, and what you lack. When you see the current appearance of things around you, it’s hard to keep them out of your mind. Thinking your way out of your current result takes work, and it is very difficult to achieve it without the help of a personal development professional. In fact, in The Science of Getting Rich, written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles, the author says "To think truth regardless of appearance is laborious and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work a person has to perform." You probably know that "The Science of Getting Rich" is precisely the book that inspired Rhonda Byrne to produce "The Secret". It establishes that to get riches individuals have to think, live and act in a certain way. But learning how to do things in that "certain way" as described by Wallace may be challenging for many. Fortunately, a new self improvement seminar for the Science of Getting Rich has brought the wisdom of this timeless classic back to life for modern readers. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal when working with the universal law of attraction is a poster with your desires that you can hang on your wall. The reason for this is simple – any subconscious reminder of your intent that you will see day after day will further enforce your intent to the universe. So exactly what is a manifestation poster and how do you make one? The simplest way to go about this is to buy yourself a nice large piece of paper or cardboard. Start sourcing for pictures and photos that represent your desires. You want pictures that represent what it is that you wish to attract. For instance, if you want a red convertible, find a picture of exactly what you want and cut it out. Make sure your pictures are as close to exact as you can get, as this will really affect the out.e. Once you have collected all of the pictures you intend to use, paste them to the poster board. You may wish to write under each one your actual intention, so if you want a new car and you paste a picture of a new car that you want, write "My New Car" underneath the picture in a nice black marker. Once your poster is .plete, mount it in a place where you will see it often. Some good suggestions would be your bedroom, around the work desk and even on the cover of your laptop! When you think about it, stop and examine your poster and think about your intents, while feeling excited about what you have .ing to you. However, even if you forget and never look at the poster again, as you pass it each day, it will register subconsciously for that’s the Law of attraction in the thought world About the Author: is one of 24 teachers and the only Australian chosen to appear on The Secret DVD & movie. He went from a broke ex-farmer in Queensland, Australia to a successful multi-millionaire through studying the mind. He also is a .modity and stock trader. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: