The Shenyang Mint Museum opened to show the new network Chinese hundred years history of coinage ca1290

The Shenyang Mint Museum opened to show the new network China hundred years history in Liaoning Mint – Shenyang City Fu near the door of one kilometer, a 120 year old courtyard heavily-guarded, here was the first company in Shenyang machine factory, Shenyang pioneered the modern machine industry. At the beginning of its establishment, it has been given an important mission, in the history of China’s modern development, have left their own unique imprint. It is the Shenyang Mint Co., China — the oldest coinage enterprises. In August 23rd this year, in the establishment of the ancient coinage enterprise anniversary, the Shenyang Mint Museum officially opened. The museum is located in a factory in a Japanese style building in 1935, the construction area of 1170 square meters, the collection exhibits tens of thousands of pieces. Live show from the first gold products "Qing Guangxu twenty-four years Fengtian machinery bureau made a round coin to the new China five set of RMB coins of all, from the late Qing Dynasty to coin embossing equipment – Ocean machine in the early Republic of China (1905), the 1936 French engraving machine, stamping machine such as Japan’s 501 historical periods with mint equipment and at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China period coin mold, new Chinese first set of RMB 1, 2, 5 coins and coin mould casting process of precious objects related to the vivid reproduction of the development of China coinage since modern times spanning 3 centuries, show the rich heritage of Chinese culture and the Chinese mint coins superb technical strength. The general manager of Shenyang Mint Co., Ltd. Yang Wenlong said, Chinese is one of the world’s first metal coin of the country, has been 3000 years of history. It has created many of the world’s most important in the history of casting, technology, variety and scale, and the money system. From the beginning of the Shang Dynasty metal coins, coins show China distinctive national characteristics, unique cultural sights, reflect the national politics and economy, science and technology development, a true record of the historical change. In order to solve the shortage of money in February 1, 1896, Mukden, Shengjing general Yike Tang? O petitioned the Qing government set up the "Mukden machine bureau", engaged in silver and arms manufacturing, which is the predecessor of the company Shenyang mint. The factory factory is located in Dongguan Shenyang side in the old barracks, from Tianjin and Germany to buy a gift & minting machines, boiler, and the steam engine as a driving force, to achieve mechanization. The factory built in August 23, 1896, completed by the end of June next year and try to cast into mass production began in 1898. The first was the production of "Qing Guangxu twenty-four years Fengtian machinery bureau made a round coin, for semi mechanized and semi handmade handmade coins over time. In addition, in the design of the coin, the front edge is Manchu, the inner ring of Fengtian province "English" FUNG TIEN PROVINCE ", on the back of the dragon," a Chinese denomination of positive circle ", which reflect the unique political and economic status and cultural features. In 1900, Russia occupied Mukden, occupied by the Russian machine Bureau, machinery and equipment, building largely destroyed, until 1902, the Qing government negotiations with Russia returned, and separating machine Bureau and mint, the establishment of Fengtian manufacture of silver)相关的主题文章: