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The South Korean government to shake up "behind the intervention" Park crisis would be resolved? – Beijing, Beijing, October 31 Xinhua comprehensive report, since 24, South Korean President Park Geun hye cronies "behind the intervention" after the incident was exposed, caused a great disturbance. Within a few days, the Chong Wa Dae of Korea had a big shake up of the chief secretary team, the protagonist of the event Cui Shunshi also return to Korea to accept investigation. The South Korean government in the face of an emergency the storm, whether to quell the crisis facing the park? "Political cronies" back to Korea by Charlie Cui Shunshi issued a statement on behalf of the lawyer. (source: Agence France-Presse) on the evening of 30, South Korean prosecutors issued a notification that will be at 31 PM to the identity of the suspects summoned a close friend of Park Geun hye — "behind the intervention" event the parties Cui Shunshi appearing in court for investigation. It is reported that Cui Shunshi at 30 in the morning aboard British Airways flight from London to return to South korea. She said in a statement released by the lawyer, expressed its willingness to cooperate with the prosecution investigation, but claimed that because of physical discomfort, wants to delay one day to accept inquiries, and apologize to the people event. The day before Cui Shunshi was discovered by Germany and South Korea a number of shell companies, misappropriation of two funds from the name of big donations, and referred to the "back door" to let her daughter read into the school of Ewha Womans University. In addition, South Korean media exposure, in Cui Shunshi’s computer possession of multiple copies of Chong Wa Dae confidential documents and the notes of the Pu Jinhui. After Cui Shunshi admitted that park Geun hye was elected in 2012, did receive his speech, but denied contact with other confidential documents. Chong Wa Dae big shake Chief Secretary of the five collective class picture: the South Korean parliament. In the "political cronies park gate" the event is only 5 days after the apology to the national Chong Wa Dae, South Korea had a big shake up of the Chief Secretary of the team. Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo held a regular reporter 30, said Pu Jinhui day accepted the Secretary’s office director Li Yuanzhong, Chief Secretary Ann Zhongfan, policy Chief Secretary Kim in the original, the Chief Secretary of civil affairs Yu Bingyu, Chief Secretary Jin Shengyu’s resignation communique. Zheng Ranguo pointed out that Pu Jinhui profoundly aware of the current situation is serious, in response to the parties of personnel adjustment, decided to overhaul of the secretariat. He said that although the chief, the Chief Secretary of the presidential Secretary to resign, but considering the political operation, Pu Jinhui accepted the resignation of the five. In addition, Pu Jinhui also accepted the Chong Wa Dae General Secretary Li Zaiwan, Secretary Zheng Hucheng and Chong Wa Dae affiliated state Publicity Secretary Ann Fenggen resignation. Zheng Ranguo said, at present Inchon Park Geun hye decided before the local prosecutor’s office director Cui Zaiqing, the new Chief Secretary of civil affairs before Congress spokesman Pei Shengli as Chief Secretary of the bulletin, and as soon as possible to determine the successor to other positions. The ruling party’s establishment of the Han neutral cabinet of South Korean President Park Geun hye. South Korea’s ruling New World Party spokesman Kim said on 30 may, the new world party day held an emergency meeting decided to request the High Commissioner, the establishment of "National President Park Geun hye neutral cabinet", "with Cui Shunshi Pu Jinhui’s cronies coping intervention" caused by the storm. Delegates called on prosecutors to thoroughly investigate and punish the morning to return home.相关的主题文章: