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The three fine except Shennongjia province tour time no rain without freezing the newspaper news (reporter Chen Yongquan correspondent Zhai Hongnan) cold past, Jiangcheng today finally completely cleared, temperatures will rebound sharply, the highest temperature rise to 14 degrees. The province except Shennongjia, all without rain, the temperature is above zero, we can take advantage of the fine weather, time travel or drying. Yesterday, the eastern part of China’s eastern region began to pick up temperatures, the province’s basic temperature rose to 0 degrees Celsius, but relatively slow thawing rate. Wuhan yesterday, the general increase in the temperature between 2~6 degrees, the center of the city’s minimum temperature of 3.6 degrees, the highest temperature in the afternoon was 6.7 degrees C. After the snow and a week later, today finally ushered in a sunny weekend. City weather is expected in the next three days by the altitude of northerly wind in our city, the weather cleared, daytime temperatures rise, the highest temperature reached 14 degrees, but sooner or later, the temperature is still not high, 2~4 degrees C, sooner or later when they go out to pay attention to add clothes. In addition, today the province will also cloudy to sunny, the highest temperature during the day is expected in most areas is 11~14 centigrade, the lowest temperature region is 2~5 DEG C; tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow the weather: sunny to cloudy in most areas of the highest temperature 13~16, the lowest temperature in most areas of 1~4 C, very suitable to go out play the foliage.相关的主题文章: