The whole demand report stock index 3000 points above the shock material smooth ending in September t420s

The whole demand report: stock index 3000 points above the shock material smooth ending September Zhongzheng Wang news (reporter Zhang Dandan) this afternoon, the stock index at 3000 points above the narrow range. In the National Day holiday before the last trading day, stock market are in a wait state, has been advanced into the "holiday" mode. As of 14, the Shanghai index at 3004.03 points, or 0.19%; the Shenzhen Component Index at 10567.05 points, or 0.52%; gem index reported 2148.63 points, or 0.11%. Industry sector, wine, food, electricity, real estate, communications and other plate gainers, insurance, steel, coal, oil, transportation and logistics sector decline in front. The concept of plate, liquor, vaccines, deep ST, quantum communications, such as the concept of plate gainers in the new times, the concept of the Department of Sinopec plate fell. Peripheral markets, the Asian market generally fell, as of press time, Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index fell 1.54%; the Nikkei index fell by 1.30% in the South Korea composite index closed down by. Flush with that current stock market downturn, but also provide good imagination space for the festival of the trend, with the global asset allocation to accelerate the internationalization, A shares have the ability to attract more foreign investment. The operation, for the part of high-quality stocks oversold can start line layout, especially early speculation over the Shenzhen Tong and PPP line and themes, have underestimated the value of high defensive liquor sector, are likely to start in the holiday market rebound.相关的主题文章: