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The whole demand report: two city weak shocks steel plate thriving Zhongzheng Wang news (reporter Ge Chunhui) 25 afternoon, the two stock markets continued to show a narrow range of low trend. The concept of plate industry, is still a large decline, only steel plate to maintain the trend of red morning. As of 14:00, the Shanghai composite index reported 3059.64 points, down 0.85%; Shenzhen stock index reported 10637.55 points, down 1.14%; gem index reported 2169.90 points, down 1.02%. Industry sector, CITIC industry index in addition to the steel sector fell across the board. Among them, the real estate, construction, nonferrous metals, integrated, retail trade, transportation and other industry index decline in the top; non bank finance, coal, banking, home appliances and other smaller decline, the relative decline. Concept plate, WIND concept index fell. Among them, horse racing, Fujian Free Trade Zone, the new board, mobile resale, the reform of state owned Guangdong plate decreases, the rate of more than 2%; time shares, building energy saving, online travel, anticancer, gene detection index decline is relatively small. The external market, the Asia Pacific stock market today mixed up, the main shock. Wind information data show that as of 14:00, the Nikkei 225 index fell by 0.23%, the Korea composite index rose by 0.05%, the Hang Seng Index rose by 0.10%. Source of investment adviser believes that today the market opened after the expansion and sell adjustment, the massive release means that short-term capital heavy sell-off. But the Shanghai Composite Index after 7 days of continuous Yindie after adjustment, accumulating upside momentum, perhaps after a step increase adjusted upside. The operation of the proposed low to look more carefully, may be concerned about the short-term stock performance is stable and low valuation. Jufeng investment adviser said, the market is expected to step back to the 30 day moving average will resume its rally, short-term adjustment is still the main tone, when investors properly control the position, high throw bargain hunting mainly.相关的主题文章: