To commemorate the 135 anniversary of the birth of Lu Xun, Liaoning, Dalian, held a special exhibiti

To commemorate the 135 years of the birth of Lu Xun of Liaoning Dalian held to commemorate Mr. Lu Xun Exhibition – Beijing, Beijing in October 25 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the art world – 135 anniversary of the birth of Lu Xun and the death theme of Lu Xun in commemoration of Mr. Lu Xun exhibition held in Liaoning on 25 in Dalian. The exhibition is jointly organized by the Dalian Museum and the Lu Xun Museum in Beijing. Exhibition of 135 pieces of Beijing Museum of art, Lu Xun, one of the cultural relics of the group of 80. According to the contents, art, calligraphy indeed Zarva Book Zero Ink three exhibition unit. From the audience can see Lu Xun as works of art collectors and understand it as diligently strive after; art fashion advocates unremittingly. The exhibition mentioned, people familiar with the Lu Xun is a writer, but his contribution in art, while those who know very little. Although Lu Xun is not a painter, but his lifelong love for art, especially as art theorist, his art is both for Chinese classical art tradition, and the world of art review, there is no lack of brilliant and original ideas. Reporters on the scene saw the exhibition, the theme of "Yiyuan Zarva" exhibition attracted many onlookers, the exhibition is Mr. Lu Xun, the preservation of the national cultural material embodiment, exhibited many Lu Xun’s collection of prints. The staff told reporters, Lu Xun is Chinese Modern Printmaking movement gardener and mentor, he spent a lot of energy and time to advocate the art of printmaking, let China become popular new print art in 1930s, very worth reading and respect. A guy stopped at a "Beijing" prerapture letter paper. About the exhibition experience, he said, the exhibition from a unique perspective and created a wide benevolence elder Lu Xun, also reflects the mood and feelings of a generation of intellectuals, his thought of today’s Chinese, there are still many worthy of exploration significance. The exhibition will continue until the end of January 8, 2017. (end)相关的主题文章: