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Tough film "mechanic dominate the box office in October 2" at the box office breaking 150 million new network – in the market last week many new, and good performance, especially by the sexy tough guy Jason Statham led? Hollywood action film starring "mechanic 2: Resurrection", its opening weekend box office exceeded 150 million. A booster injection following the action film "the Mekong River action" again after the downturn this year as the shadow of the city. JINGWAH Times reporter Nie Kuanmian "mechanic 2" first weekend win half a month ago, "the Mekong River action" to achieve a box office counterattack, the audience was astonished to find that haven’t seen real tough guy movie. Therefore, "mechanic 2: Resurrection" deliver the goods, Jason? Statham plays in the film ruthless killer darling, from October 21st to 52 million on the first day of release, the top box office. Saturday, Sunday is still unabated, the release of the 44 hour break million, the first weekend box office total of over 150 million yuan, up in the shadow of the city downturn downturn, success aroused the audience’s enthusiasm. In the film, Jason Statham’s killer? Arthur? Bishop cast again kill reach the peak of perfection in addition to common skills, expand efforts, cold weapons and weapons are also well versed in heat. Especially the "mechanic" unique organ skill, let the audience viewing pleasure upgrade. "The Mekong River action" police action "successfully break 1 billion piece of Mekong River action" in the National Archives released after the box office reputation and counter attack, as of October 23rd 18 at the box office has reached 1 billion 73 million yuan, becoming the 2016 winner of the national archives. This results not only broke the Chinese gangster movie record, more than "Tomb notes" ($1 billion 4 million) this year to become the fourth high Chinese film box office. Another national day release of the film "from your world through" last week also came good news. The total box office movie before the date has reached 786 million 600 thousand, beyond the movie "Beijing in love" in Seattle only 786 million of the box office, a new record of domestic box office romance. "Shaking" breaking the first week breaking 80 million at the box office last week to open the picture of the new film, by Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau, Liyan Tong, Mavis Fan starred in the action thriller "shaking broken" is the best performance of Chinese films. The film on Friday officially released in the country, first weekend at 80 million, good performance. Last week released the "man Jack: never look back," and so on, the introduction of mediocre film. In contrast, Hong Kong great comeback. "Shaking broken" released the same day, just 6 hours have exceeded 20 million at the box office win, ending the "Mekong River action" 16 days of consecutive road. Previously, the "broken" film side announced the simultaneous release of Cantonese and Mandarin version two. However, when the film was officially released, the user found that the Cantonese version of the row rarely. Fans call, hoping to increase the Cantonese version row piece, let more people feel the charm of pure Hong kong.相关的主题文章: