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Tour of Africa, a primitive tribe had to travel – Sohu Africa, the origin of human beings, the vast land of endless hidden treasures. There hung wide vast grasslands, wild wild animal, mysterious primitive tribes, for many years as a magnet to attract me deeply, stimulate the heart full of curiosity, to explore africa. From Guangzhou, eleven hours of flight, and finally set foot on the land of Kenya. In the summer, the hot weather did not imagine. After Nairobi took a break, began to embark on a journey, a road to the prairie view. Our guide Mike, a native of Kenya, is familiar with every piece of land in this magical land. To prepare for the next few days before the start of the material, Mike suggested that in addition to the necessary pure water, and then bring some soda. Although unknown, we still obediently followed. After all, the next ten days of travel, we have to rely on an experienced guide, take us to ride the African land. From the millions of flamingos in the Lake Bogoria, is full of murderous Mara savanna, lurking everywhere from the hippo Nawasha lake, to the foot of the Kilimanjaro. Every day, not in the vast grasslands chasing the wild animal, is the shuttle on the way to the national park. Even if the weather is getting hot, is still full of spirit, for fear of missing a wonderful moment. At this moment, think of Mike let us prepare the soft drinks. Under the scorching sun, the long journey, open a bottle of soda drink together, delicious taste collocation along the beautiful scenery along the way, let more smooth cool how much joy. The last stop, visit the original Masai tribe. Marseille, one of the most famous of Africa’s indigenous people, to hunt for a living, nomadic, scattered on the vast grassland of Kenya. The Masai tribes around the major national parks can make an appointment with the guide. Despite the penetration of modern civilization, the Masai people still preserve the most primitive traditional life. Built with cow dung and branches around together in a village hut, hunting, grazing, zuanmuquhuo. The costumes of the Masai are unique. Adult men will grow a pigtail, wearing a "general beam card", mainly in red. While adult women shave their heads, clothing color is rich in color stripe pattern, called "kan ga". Masai lean slim, gorgeous dress, to be good at running and high jump for the United states. Arrived in the village, the whole village turned out to meet the young men and women, men and women in each side, were sent to players jumping ceremony. This is the pride of the Masai people, but also a grand ceremony to welcome the distinguished guests. After the ceremony, the villagers took us to visit the tribe. The old chief brought out his own wine to drink, and now, a few of them are the best gifts of exchange. Never, even for a moment like this, in India ocean shore, distant Africa, together with an entirely different race, a bottle of soda would shorten the distance between each other, together drink Huan, enjoy the joy of smooth cool feeling. The journey is so wonderful, the world is sometimes very big, but 0相关的主题文章: