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Tsinghua University: Zhu Xiaoyan should be prepared to deal with the artificial intelligence industry trough, Tsinghua University professor for computer intelligent technology and system of Tsinghua University State Key Laboratory Director Zhu Xiaoyan Phoenix Technology News News November 3rd, November 1st, the "perception era made China" as the core of the first China wisdom Valley Conference and artificial intelligence and Industry Innovation Forum held in Jiangsu, Nanjing. The conference brought together at home and abroad, artificial intelligence, robot and big data in the field of production, learning and research, with leading institutions and industry experts, the latest development and exchange of information and industrialization of scientific research, to explore the core technology research and development, transformation and industrialization mechanism of landing. On the meeting, Professor of computer science at Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University, State Key Laboratory of intelligent technology and systems director Zhu Xiaoyan made a point of view, she believes that people should be ready for the artificial intelligence industry might come down. Don’t put the artificial intelligence as "Aphrodisiac" Professor Zhu Xiaoyan believes that the era of a variety of names, such as the information age, the Internet era, the era of big data, and the future of mankind will enter the era of artificial intelligence is. The development of artificial intelligence will be from perception to cognition, to autonomy. From perception to cognition, refers to the ability of artificial intelligence technology in human development with the understanding and thinking of the robot; but the ultimate goal is to make it from cognition to intelligent, independent from human cognition and thinking, this is the highest realm of human pursuit of artificial intelligence. However, Professor Zhu Xiaoyan also believes that although the prospect of AI and money scene are also clear, but also to do something and do not. She pointed out that the industry can not always be artificial intelligence as "Aphrodisiac", even the most representative in the field of AlphaGo defeated the human remarkable in the chess game, people who think of artificial intelligence in spring, but people still have a clear understanding, all industries have peaks and valleys, and people have to do is to peak in the smart board industry must also be vigilant in the future might come down. How to face the industry downturn may come to the face of how the artificial intelligence industry may come to the trough, Professor Zhu Xiaoyan explained from three aspects. First, we must have a thorough understanding of artificial intelligence technology, to understand something, not to do something; second, to carry out a thorough and rigorous analysis of the industry, from different angles, to achieve take-off with artificial intelligence technology is different; third aspects, laboratory data for reference only no, can be applied in real life. Therefore, it is necessary to make a correct assessment of the technology in the application and practical application. In addition, Professor Zhu Xiaoyan also pointed out that the development of artificial intelligence should focus on enhancing human intelligence. She believes that if Turing was still alive, he would improve the "Turing test" standard, artificial intelligence will become a human partner, intelligence and its purpose is to strengthen by artificial intelligence, instead of going towards the direction of development to replace people. So how to strengthen people’s intelligence through artificial intelligence, Professor Zhu Xiaoyan believes that the key is "team work", actually refers to an artificial intelligence machine can become a member of the human team, for the people.相关的主题文章: