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Home-Improvement Is it necessary to call a professional for mold inspection? The answer is, Yes. Most of the houses suffer from rotted wood and water damage at some point of time. If left untreated for a long time, these damages can cost you thousands of dollars of repair. Prevention is better than restoration. Therefore it is a wise decision to go for moisture inspection to locate potential problems and take necessary measures to prevent them before they become expensive fixes. Andersons climate can very well produce severe storms that can make water flow into places that one cant even think of. Moisture damage is a common problem in stucco homes. The reason is that stucco homes are especially designed to keep moisture out of home. So even if a small amount of water infiltrate the stucco house it can take months to dry out. How Water Penetrates Stucco Homes Water can get in the house through improperly flashed or sealed windows and doors, stucco extending below grade or roof ends devoid of kick out flashing. Improper draining can block the basement, leak the wall or lead to other damages. This is a common problem in Anderson houses. How Moisture Inspection Can Be Done? Anderson moisture inspection can be done in two ways. While some prefer the probe method some others go for thermography. No matter which method is chosen, the inspector needs to do a visual examination first. He will check the exterior of your house to find out visible signs of moisture damage or other signs that may lead to water intrusion problems in future. Probe Method for Moisture Inspection This is a popular method of moisture inspection. Moisture can be tested with the use of a penetrating probe meter. The exterior of the house needs to have small holes so that the probe method can be followed. The caulking that fills the holes matched the color of the house after the test. Professionals also use moisture scanner which is very effective in identifying potential problem areas. It is followed with a probe meter. Thermography Thermography can be called a non-invasive technology. It uses infrared cameras for damage free moisture detection. The moisture inspector uses the infrared camera to photograph your house. It picks up heat as moisture in building materials will retain heat at another rate than that of the dry materials. Hence this inspection helps one to identify damage in ceiling, roof, floor and carpet. With either of the methods an inspector can tell you about any hidden problem that may become severe in future. A house with excess moisture can lead to various problems like mold. Therefore every house owner needs moisture inspection on time. Get ready on time; you have easy access to online home improvement help for further assistance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: