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U.S. media said the American companies in China: the difficult situation of fierce competition in tighter regulation of reference news network October 23rd U.S. media reported that the National Committee on us China relations seminar held on 20 2016, the U.S. – China Business Council Chinese "business environment survey". The survey shows that China’s government to protect local companies in the overall context of slowing economic growth, the Chinese government to protect the regulatory policies of the u.s.. According to voice of America radio website reported on October 21st, the U.S. – China Trade Commission for its 119 U.S. companies in China made a survey shows that the United States operating in China difficult. Nearly 20% of respondents expected earnings will decline next year, 90% of the respondents said that their company will profit, but the profit growth rate will decline, including the reason and local companies more competitive, rising costs, government regulatory barriers, as well as industry overcapacity. 2015, the United States accounted for 26% of the total decline in corporate revenue in China accounted for the total number of respondents, the highest in the past 5 years, revenue increased by the company accounted for the total number of 65%, the lowest for the past 5 years. 2016 revenue will increase the ratio of the company is expected to further decline to 62%. In the United States Chinese enterprises are facing the challenge of "10 and Chinese local company competition" like last year is still among the challenges first; rising costs and obstacles of government regulation and industry overcapacity rose from third last year to second, 6, 10, 3, 4. Reported that the United States continued to cool business confidence in Chinese enterprises. Optimistic about the prospects for the next 5 years in China business and more optimistic to nearly 3/4, the lowest in nearly 10 years; pessimistic for the 10%. However, the survey shows that the majority of U.S. companies in China – at least for now – will remain in china. The reason is that China’s market growth prospects compared with other emerging markets, flat or better. 73% of respondents believe that China’s economic growth prospects will be better than other emerging markets. Of the 119 member companies surveyed, the company has been operating in China for more than 10 years or more, of which about 20% are technology companies in the manufacturing and service sectors. (Reference News Network)相关的主题文章: