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Interior-Decorating When it .es to shopping for girls bedding, some parents take the easy way out and purchase a .plete bedding set based on their child’s favorite cartoon character. .plete set, meaning, a .forter or duvet cover, sheet set and dust ruffle. But not everyone is willing to spend over $100 dollars on children’s bedding. Children outgrow their bedding sets as they do their toys. And lets face it, kids change their minds about their favorite cartoon characters all the time. What may be cool now may not be so cool a couple months down the road, and there goes your hard-earned money. But there is always a solution to every problem. You don’t necessarily have to purchase a cartoon themed bedding set to show off your child’s interest in a specific cartoon. With the right colors and designs, your daughter or son can have a .plete bedding set that will not only be unique, but can be used many times throughout his or her life. We will use Walt Disney’s Minnie Mouse as an example. Minnie Mouse has been around since 1928. She is a favorite to many, including myself. She is known for her huge black ears with red bow, red and white polka dot dress and big yellow shoes. The trick is to incorporate these colors and designs onto the bed. There are many ways of doing so, but here are my top three favorite: Option 1 Bedskirt or Dust Ruffle = Yellow Sheets (fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases) = Red .forter or Duvet Cover and Shams = Black with white polka dots Tie large red bows around shams, not pillowcases Optional: 1 small solid yellow decorative pillow Option 2 Bedskirt or Dust Ruffle = Black Sheets (fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases) = White .forter or Duvet cover and Shams = Red with white polka dots 2 – 4 Solid black decorative pillows Optional: Minnie Mouse plush in between pillows Option 3 Bedskirt or Dust Ruffle = Red with white polka dots Sheets (fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases) = Yellow .forter or Duvet cover and Shams = Solid Black 2 – 4 red with white polka dot decorative pillows Once the bed has been dressed, you can move on to the bedroom decor. Choose 1 -2 pieces related to the character. Disney has a great selection of items to choose from. You can hang a large Minnie Mouse frame on one side of the bedroom or place your child’s favorite Minnie Mouse plush toy on her bed. As you child gets older, she may want to put away her toys, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t do the same with a unique bedding set. Thanks for reading. .e visit Bedroom Duvet Spot. They have a great selection of bedding to choose from, including red duvet covers, kids duvet covers, and more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: