Various Treatment Options For Herniated

Health Before .ing to know the treatment of herniated disc, it is better to have information that what discs in the backbone are. The backbone is divided into different pieces, which are called as vertebrae. In between each pair of vertebrae, there is a cushion in order to support these pieces. This cushion is called as disc. In order to have a healthy spine, these discs should be perfect and fine. There are certain illnesses and injuries, in which these discs be.e damaged, and they bulge out from their position. Due to this bulging, the spine weak and the nerves that pass through the space in between these vertebrae get damaged. A person may feel weakness of the muscles, nerve pain, numbness and loss of sensation. Disc herniation could happen anywhere along the whole spine. The most .mon sites of disc herniation are the lower back and neck. The treatment modalities of disc herniation depend upon the region in which the disc herniation happened and the severity of illness. The doctor can decide exactly that what could be the treatment for a particular case of disc herniation. If the issues are not too serious, the patient may find betterment in his illness by taking just painkillers. The doctor may advise to take physiotherapy session in order to have stretching of lower back muscles. The data suggests that there are a lot of patients who have got much relief by means of such exercises. Bed rest and lifestyle modification is the main mode of the treatment of disc herniation. No patient is there who have got relief from disc herniation without these changes in his or her life. In addition, a patient may be advised to apply cold and hot packs at the affected site, since these packs not only reduce the pain, but also decrease the inflammation. Surgery of disc herniation is indicated in those cases in which the traditional mode of treatment did not bring any fruitful results. In addition, surgery is better for those patients who developed severe nerve .promise like numbness, loss of sensation and nerve pain, etc. There are different modes of surgeries, which bring fruitful results in disc herniation. Some of these surgical options are discussed below: Discectomy is the surgical option for those cases in which a patient develops nerve .pression due to disc herniation. Those patients who developed frequent disc herniation at the lower back may require lumber fusion. In case of spinal degenerations, the bandages are applied in order to stabilize the spine. This procedure is called as Dynamic stabilization. Disc de.pression and artificial disc replacement surgeries are also being performed nowadays, which are much successful in alleviating symptoms due to disc herniation and decreasing the severity of pain. This article is provided for information purposes only. Please consult a doctor for treatment options. This article is not written by a doctor or checked for accuracy by a physician. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: