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Internet-and-Business-Online Video sharing is more popular than ever on the internet today. There are many personal networking sites that offer users the option of embedding video into their profiles for others to see. This is a form of video sharing, just as much so as the video sharing sites. Movie scenes are the most popular type of video sharing on the internet, as it is the easiest to manipulate. Movie Scenes Movie scenes are normally taken off of a DVD that is played in the computer, and a small portion is cut and copied, then saved to be used in a program on a video sharing site. This is not to say that all videos seen on these sites are actually wholly part of a movie. Some users add sound effects or add themselves into the movie scenes using special software and programming knowledge to make it look seamless. Movie scenes are the easiest to retrieve from a computers DVD drive, and takes less time to copy and save than any other type of media. Video Sharing Sites There are many video sharing sites that offer users the opportunity to upload their own videos, and this makes the user the star of the show. There are videos available that promote a persons bands performance, businesses promotional ads and even music videos. Video sharing sites give amateur movie makers and film students a platform to display their work so that everyone that sees them can comment and give feedback. But just because someone likes a video does not mean everyone will like it. Fan Made Movie Trailers There are many contests each year from companies offering a prize for fans to create a movie trailer for one of the new movies being premiered. These are called fan made movie trailers, and these can be quite professional looking if placed together properly. Movie scenes from other movies the stars are found in are normally used along with effects and sounds as well as on screen subs to promote the new movie. One movie in particular that created over a million fan made movie scenes or trailers is Twilight. Simply do a search on Twilight fan made movie trailers and see how many pages of results are returned. Personal Videos There are of course, many personal videos that make it onto the internet every day. Videos of family vacations, people practicing dance or musical instruments, and even child birth. Autopsies, aliens, ghosts, anything that people consider themselves to have had a personal experience with can be found in videos on sharing sites. These videos were more than likely recorded on a digital video camera and then transferred to PC and saved. These videos are then cut and copied in order to be embedded in the websites they are found on. There are programs available online through some of these websites to create your own video from scratch, so that nothing has to be taken from another type of media to be used. Simply stated, anyone can make their own movie scenes and then upload them to a video sharing website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: