WAL-MART will increase investment in technology and electricity supplier Jingdong is just beginning 9c8836

WAL-MART will increase investment in technology and business holdings Jingdong just started Sina stocks Beijing 6 evening news   Wal-Mart Store Inc (WMT) said that the plan of the next fiscal year, again a $11 billion capital spending plans, and spending objects with a 60 year history of the retail giant in the practice is very different, will put a lot of the transfer of funds for investment in technology, services and e-commerce. The long-term growth engine WAL-MART: Super Shopping Center next year is expected to add 35 new stores, significantly less than last year 69. Small grocery store type Neighborhood Markets will slow growth next year, expected a net increase of 20, far lower than the last fiscal year 161 and the current fiscal year is expected to 70. WAL-MART spokesman said the company’s goal is to achieve earnings per share growth of 5% from two years ago, after 5-10%. He said that WAL-MART’s recent acquisition of Jet will have a clearer understanding of how to develop. On Wednesday, WAL-MART disclosed in a filing with the U.S. Securities Regulatory Commission, the company’s stake in Jingdong increased to about 10.8%, the move highlights the importance of WAL-MART’s long-term strategic alliance with Jingdong in china. WAL-MART will increase its investment in Jingdong nearly doubled, the move will allow it to obtain the observer status of the board of directors of Jingdong. In June this year, the company is headquartered in Arkansas, the online retail giant Chinese electronic business (1 stores) sold to Jingdong, as part of the agreement, WAL-MART holds about 5.9% of the shares of the Jingdong. According to informed sources, according to the agreement, WAL-MART holdings of Jingdong shares in order to obtain the identity of observers. Jingdong’s only strategic partner, currently has a board seat is China’s Internet giant Tencent. Beijing time 21:15, WAL-MART shares fell 2.19% on Thursday before the disk, at $70.1, the volume significantly enlarged.相关的主题文章: