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"Warrior’s gate" ultimate exposure posters of Mark Ni Ni save dreamland – Sohu entertainment "warrior’s gate" vertical moderator poster Princess Ni Ni [Click to view more HD map] Sohu entertainment fantasy action blockbuster "warrior’s gate" today exposed a group of ultimate poster. The poster in the dark and stormy sky reflects the mysterious fairyland disaster has come, the dreamland expedition team member Mark, Ni Ni, Uriah? Sheldon and Wu Zhenyu besieged by fire, prepared to meet the challenge. At the same time, the emergence of the golden gate time peculiar shape which indicates that the beam into the sky, land battle evil officially staged in November 18th will be triggered at any moment. The poster highlights the crisis of Mark Ni Ni was fire siege "the ultimate warrior" poster convey a sense of urgency to save the world without delay. Posters, Mark, Ni Ni and Wu Zhenyu have set their weapons, war posture, wearing modern clothing Uriah? Sheldon is a peculiar form of Shimen to go. The dreamland expedition was surrounded by fire, sparks around them, very dangerous. Time, Princess Ni Ni and bodyguard Mark Wu Zhenyu the wizard in the face of danger of his big boy, Uriah? Sheldon on the eyes is a hint of hesitation. "Warrior’s gate" tells the story of Sheldon’s moron boy Jack karma into dreamland, and guards Mark, wizard Wu Zhenyu in the process of growing together to save the princess Ni Ni’s story. Mark talked about the relationship between Zhao Shiwei and Jack in the movie said two people is mutual promotion in the story, he said: "I play the warrior learned a lot in with Jack, learned to joke, can enjoy their life and work." In the film, Zhao Shiwei also taught Jack a lot, he said: "at first, only to escape from their own fear, and then he can muster up the courage to do his best to learn and overcome the difficulties of Jack." "Warrior’s gate" battle of the Barbarian King casts a thousand beams. fight scenes amazing two ultimate poster, sky background and color vision dim and dark opposite, which also shows the film king Allen over the brute brute in the dreamland will give bring unprecedented havoc. Posters of a Shimen ancient style peculiar, door lintel on the face of stone is calm, magical and mysterious. The mysterious door also emerged into the sky golden light, and the dark blue sky in stark contrast. This also indicates that Mark, Ni Ni, Uriah? Sheldon and Wu Zhenyu will guide and barbarian barbarian king Allen battle, become the last hope of fairyland. Action movie Madden fun. Mark has starred in many action films, Sheldon is playing the Barbarian King Taekwondo master, Dave? Batista is strong and mighty domineering. They go shoot action with good collocation effects showed a fantastic burnt fight scenes. Play Ni Ni princess had never had the experience of shooting action, in order to adapt to the action, she said he was ready, she said: "I will exercise in the early and the teachers play the action, see the post editing is very handsome, I think it is worth."相关的主题文章: