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Business We Take The Aches So That You Keep Your Head High It stirs up an image of challenges that were thrown at us when we atarted in the business of not just office automation, but also of products that the business world takes for granted. However, we are seeing the reach that technology has in our lives, not just in the office space but also in places where people meet to unwind, like cafeterias for example. This revolution was not achieved in a short time. It did take a lot of cajoling on the parts of .panies like us who have been dealing with office automation as well as a certain degree of self realization on the part of the .panies when talks of the environment started gaining momentum and the clarion call was put out to corporates to reduce what was termed as carbon footprints, whether at the individual or the .pany or even industry level.This was the time when .panies started realizing the importance of video conferencing not just in Mumbai but all across the country and the world.This relatively new and yet the most lapped up concept has helped people to not just reduce their carbon footprints but also rake up a huge profit in financial as well as real terms. A logical extension of the concept of video conferencing is the range of conference room solutions that help not just in conducting an onsite meeting but in actually making the experience better with the best quality of pictures and sound that are crisp. This makes the conference a successful one. This in turn, we have seen boost the sales and overall productivity of the .pany. One of the aspects that a .pany that deals in office solutions should provide in addition to the best quality of products is the after sales service and the in warranty and post warranty repairs of the defects that the machinery may develop overtime. We have a team of dedicated personnel that are trained and updated on a regular basis. This helps us to keep abreast of the innovations as they happen in the industry. Additionally, we also provide annual maintenance contracts so that the clients do not have to keep track of the dates of servicing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: