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Wenger: to love Paris because of the Gunners Arsenal 20 years [vs] the strongest prospective Paris Arsenal powerful duel war Sanchez Wenger said Paris Cavani refused because of deep love sports news this week September 13th gunmen Tencent, Arsenal (data) will be in the Champions League this season first guest field challenges Paris group phase. Last night, the Gunners have arrived in the capital of France, and in the pre match press conference, the Arsenal manager Wenger also confirmed for the first time, he has rejected 3 times in Paris, Qatar boss invited, just because he loves arsenal. On Monday, the French "equipe" disclosure, Wenger once successively in 2011, 2013 and 3 times in 2014 rejected the invitation of Paris. At the press conference, when asked to "force" the report is true, why Wenger refused to join Paris to obtain for the end of the transfer budget funds, Wenger replied: "because I love my current club. I know the boss of Paris, but I always feel that I want to be loyal to Arsenal because it is a club I love and that’s why." Wenger also coached the England this year rejected the opportunity, and rumors had previously rejected Real Madrid, Barcelona (data) (website data) and Manchester (data) and the opportunity of the French national team, has always insisted on staying at arsenal. However, in recent years, Wenger’s loyalty increasingly unpopular with many gun to be seen, has not won the Champions League and the Premier League after more than 10 years, let professor class voice as one falls, another rises. Currently, Wenger’s contract expires at the end of the season, he is likely to wait until Christmas before deciding whether or not to renew the contract. However, for now the arsenal, Wenger has shown strong confidence. This summer, Peres has introduced Zacca and Mustafi’s new signing Wenger said, now the Gunners have much more chance than ever in the Champions League to get good grades: "this is a gunman since I took over for a long time the most mature, because they are men. They are no longer just 19 or about the age of 24, but at the age of 27, at the age of 28, the whole team is quite mature. It is the first team to call it a man for a long time, and they are ready to fight." "I used to be used to getting younger players because when you have to build a new stadium, it’s hard to have enough resources. Now I have a lot of more experienced players, now the team is between 24-30 years old, a good combination of physical and experience." Even so, but the Arsenal in the Premier League this season start is not ideal, although the League 2 game winning streak, but the start of the 1 flat 1 negative but the Gunners currently only seventh in the Premiership, but Wenger pointed out that this is because many players have played for Arsenal European Cup, has not recovered completely. But this summer, Ibrahimovic and Lewis sold the Paris this season in Ligue 1 opening performance is not ideal, Wenger said: "Paris will be a good test, because this is the best team in France, they can always play good football, I will focus on the next match, I’ve coached more than 170 Champions League game, every time, I just wanted to show in the next game well." Players, Kyrgyzstan is expected in Paris when相关的主题文章: