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Wenzhou University Italy branch yesterday unveiled to all Wenzhou people’s University yesterday, in the International Symposium on Wenzhou sixth world conference opening ceremony, President of Wenzhou University and the University of Siena, Italy Li XK Francesco Frati at Siena University Arezzo campus cooperation held "Italy branch of Wenzhou University (Arezzo campus)" (Wenzhou University Italy Campus – Arezzo Branch) signed a cooperation agreement, and held a grand opening ceremony. While opening the set in the "Italy Wenzhou University and the University of Siena and Wenzhou University China Italy language and culture center". This marks the beginning of the essence of cooperative education work of universities. A branch of Chinese education and the school of business at the Wenzhou University in Italy (Arezzo campus) (hereinafter referred to as the "Wen Arezzo campus") will be set up in early Chinese Academy Institute of education and business. Undergraduate, master’s degree education of Chinese Education College, offering Chinese language and literature, Chinese business professionals, will also set up Chinese teacher training courses and issue the relevant certificates to become Chinese teachers overseas training base. School of ordinary undergraduate education, the creation of international economy and trade, marketing, business management (business management) and other professional, will be based on the current Chinese business enterprise transformation needs and the needs of the market, and set up the European Chamber of Commerce Chinese enterprises is closely related to the international economic and trade, Finance and other short-term training courses, invited experts at home and abroad the outstanding overseas Chinese scholars and overseas enterprises with special lecture, salon, expert lectures, group discussion and other professional, diversified curriculum forms of Zhejiang, Zhejiang aggregation service, promote the transformation and upgrading, to better respond to the challenges and opportunities of economic globalization. 2017 began to recruit students, graduation can obtain double degree from the University of Siena in Italy is located in the historic city of Siena City, Siena is the ancient capital of Tuscany and Florence together. Siena university is one of Europe’s oldest university, founded in December 26, 1240, the school scholarship, the first class quality, graduates have many people to become the domestic famous jurist, doctor and writer. It is reported that the school enrollment is expected in 2017, the two schools will adopt flexible training mode of "2+2" and "1+3" cooperation, to meet the requirements of the students will receive two degrees. In addition, Wen Arezzo campus to the implementation of the board of directors of principal responsibility under the leadership of the school, in accordance with the fees and cost of school education in Europe approved the charges, to solve the daily operating expenses. Students to meet the conditions of the Wenzhou University graduate certificate and degree certificate; for some of the major, students can get a double bachelor degree from Wenzhou University and the University of Hong kong. At present, Wen Arezzo campus early preparatory work is in an orderly manner, has reached a number of cooperation agreements with Italy, Siena University, Siena University will provide teachers teaching system and curriculum resources of land, with the international advanced level to meet the requirements of the school enough. The campus will be taught in both English and Chinese, as well as local language courses. Wenzhou University is the world’s Wenzhou University Italy is the end of the ancient Silk Road, but also the new era of the Silk Road Economic zone".相关的主题文章: