What Independent Sales Reps Should Expect From Their Principals-dxperience

When dealing with principals, there are several things that can and should be expected of them by independent sales reps: Training – Principals must train the independent sales rep on products and/or services. Principals may pay or split expenses with the sales rep for training tools, courses (if they are necessary), and travel (if the independent rep is expected to visit the principal’s office or manufacturing facilities). The BIGGEST factor in an independent sales rep’s failure is their lack of product knowledge. If a sales rep is not comfortable selling a product, they WON’T. Initial Travel Period – For the first few months, it is suggested that the principal make a person available to travel with the sales rep to make initial sales presentations. This gives the rep time to understand and get a feel for the sort of questions that customers ask, problems, what sorts of things to look for, what the sales cycle looks like, and so on. Sales and Order Tracking – Sales reps do not work under the same roof as the principal, and they are paid commission only. Because revenue is not guaranteed, it is vital for the independent rep’s business to receive information such as: Copy of quotations and price lists IMPORTANT: The most common way to lose a rep is poor communication. Timely Follow Up – When independent reps bring in quotation requests, the principal needs to turn them around as soon as possible! Likewise, if there are problems in the field, principals should offer support to the sales rep, as well as their customers. Customer List – The principal must supply the sales rep with an installation or a user list of their lines or services within the independent rep’s territory. This is a great way to help the rep build a customer base, as well as to understand the principal’s products. This can greatly assist the principal, as it can open up previously unseen sales opportunities. Supply Marketing Material – Principals need to supply independent reps with adequate promotional material such as brochures, samples, catalogues, and so on. About the Author: Contact RepHunter.net at ..RepHunter.net for help with the topics presented in this article. RepHunter.net is a Minnesota-based .pany that provides manufacturers with experienced sales representation. We use a unique profiling system to facilitate a TARGETED SEARCH using specific criteria and our growing .work of independent reps. We are more COST-EFFECTIVE than placing traditional ads and wading through the resume response. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: