What Kind Of Features Should You Expect From Your Digital Set Top Box-beself

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Over the last few years TV viewers have witnessed the way they watch their favourite shows change quite dramatically. For example, we can now only watch TV through a digital signal rather than analogue; have the option of watching TV through the internet; and can enjoy all kinds of extra services like HD and 3D. The set-top box has also improved dramatically, with many offering a wide range of useful features and functions. So what should you now expect from yours? To begin with, today’s Digital TV boxes should .e with a few specific standard features that offer greater control and freedom. These features are pause, rewind and record. Almost all digital TV boxes .e with these features now, and are designed to make watching TV even easier and more convenient. With the pause function, you are able to stop what you’re watching at any time when you get disturbed or interrupted. This means that you won’t miss out on any part of the show you’re watching, and can .e back to it whenever you’re ready. The rewind function enables the viewer to watch it all over again too, which is ideal if you want to replay a magical moment. The record function in particular is an essential part of the modern set-top box. It enables the viewer to be totally in control of their own TV schedule, so that they can record and store shows that they aren’t able to watch when they are first aired. It also .es in handy when the viewer wants to watch two things at the same time, as they can simply record one show to watch at another time. All leading providers offer the pause, rewind and record features, so you can expect these services when you sign up to the likes of Virgin Media, BT, and Sky. Some set-top boxes also offer extra services too, which can make life even easier. For example, the Sky digital box .es with a Series Link feature. This enables the viewer to record a whole series, with each new episode automatically saved and recorded without the need of a prompt. The Sky digital box also .es with parental control settings, which are ideal for those who have little ones at home. Virgin Media and BT offer an additional Catch-Up TV service too, which is perfect for those who want even more choice and convenience. Aside from these important control features, viewers can now expect to choose from a range of different extra services. One of the most popular of these is High Definition television, which is now installed in millions of UK homes. Another example is 3D TV, which provides a whole new way to enjoy TV and is great for kids. On top of this, many providers now offer access to on demand libraries through inter. TV, which means that you can have even more choice than ever before, or even the chance to access certain channels straight from your mobile. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: