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Software Mobile applications have be.e integral part of every smartphone user. From iOS to Android mobile applications have huge fan list all across the world. Mobile application development has be.e the most .petitive and highest revenue generating business. Unlike Android apps and iOS apps, Blackberry apps have not got enough exposure and appreciation. Android apps and iOS apps have always got immense popularity and efforts from developers. The success of Android and IPhone all goes to the great entertaining applications developed on these mobile platforms. There are approximate 250,000 apps on iOS iTunes and 100,000 apps on Android Google Play whereas Blackberry only has 10,000 applications in its app store. However, there is 85% rise in the BlackBerry apps development and submission in last few months. This is great news but still there is something that drags or lackluster the Blackberry apps. Blackberry had everything at one time, so it was very shocking and heartbreaking when it saw the steep downfall after the launch of iPhone and Android phones. Though, Blackberry development was purely business oriented with some fantastic and avant-garde features like secure email integration and instant messaging (BBM) services, it suffered failure drastically. Till now, BlackBerry apps developers are propelling lots of efforts to again .e in .petition with Android and iOS but still there is a long way to go. But if we chalk out the possible reasons what is making Blackberry apps a backbencher in the mobile apps market there .es out two main reasons for it. 1. No publicity, no gains : Android and iOS both have very celebrated and popular app stores. Both Google and Apple understand very well that how important it is to publicize your apps and app store for better gains. In case of BlackBerry software development , there are apps but there is no formal publicity no from .pany side and not even from user side. Blackberry app store also lacked into high level of user integration in .parison to Android and iOS. BlackBerry app store has quite a few steps for downloading an app where as the Android and IOS app stores are working on reducing the distance between apps and users with their every new version. 2. Fail to deliver what user wants : We all know Blackberry was formally made for business people who are looking for a realizable device to perform secure document transactions. But with time the smartphone industry as evolved user know that smartphones are not limited to send and receive emails. So, the Blackberry lost the race in keeping up with demands and changing dimensions of the business applications. These are the simple and clear reasons why Blackberry software programming suffered so badly from last few years. The change was so fast that now it will take great and concrete steps to win back the trust and interest of its users especially when iOS and Android are at peak of their success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: