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Health If you are one of the many which are affected by anxiety or panic disorders then you might have already taken the time to figure out what exactly it is that cause the condition and you might have already found out the cold and simple truth behind it as well; that the causes are not that easy to determine. But note that you are not to blame for what you might be experiencing; it is a condition which can months or even years to develop as well as eliminate. As each of us are unique, so is the causes of whatever might afflict us – this includes panic disorders. Science has indeed determined the causes and have actually broken them down into categories, but is still, up until now at a loss of the exact mechanisms which our body undergoes during the episode. To give you an idea of what these might be, here are a few panic attacks cause categories: Genetics: Researchers found out that some people who suffer from panic attacks have the same condition with one of their immediate family members or distant relatives. It only shows that if your parents, siblings, or relatives have this disorder, you have a higher risk of acquiring it too. But there’s no assurance that you will really acquire the condition and behave just like the way you affected family members or relatives did. Early experiences: experiencing traumatic events during childhood can also set off panic disorders as one grows old. Having to witness or experience those traumatic experiences in the present can set off a chain reaction of anxiety and fear resulting to panic. Stress: Doing a lot of things can make a person be.e stressed out. It has been found out that people who are dealing with a lot of stressful situations for a prolonged period of time may cause panic attacks. Big Changes: Certain changes in ones life like, expecting a new member, moving, losing or changing jobs, getting married, divorce, and the likes can also be enough to cause emotional as well as psychological imbalance which in turn can lead to panic attacks. Those are just some of the possible causes of panic attacks. There are still a lot of causes that can be mentioned, but putting them all in here may just be a waste of time. If you feel like you’re already beginning to loose control over your condition or is generally at a loss on where to begin in terms of trying to handle your condition and alleviating yourself, the best solution is to go to your health care provider and have your self checked. They are the best and most trusted persons that can give you information and proper solutions to what you are going through. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: