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Who used to prison for 16 years: death of millions of words written notes: 16 years of secret prison who used the brush with death of millions of words written notes cover news reporter Wang Guoping Hubei Hongshan prison, he has been here for 16 years. In September 27th, he was released from prison. Prison who used, once signs of big head back into a flat board inch, but the tone is still full of gas, the logic is still clear. Just get up and leave in the back, has been able to see some of the faltering body. That year, he spoke at the neg internal meeting. In June 20, 1993 he (left) in Chengdu. He was already 76 years old, China is the first generation of private entrepreneurs, who can change planes, satellites, the development of Manchuria and a series of mine, a dynamic world. Cover the news (thecover) reporter who used only designated agent by Xia Zongwei, who used to tell her all these years. Xia Zongwei in New York in February 20, 1994. Life in prison in Hongshan prison, he has been serving 16 years (life imprisonment, detention time excluding). In prison, he insisted on doing three things: exercise, writing and thinking. Said Xia Zongwei, who used the rest very regular: morning reading and writing for 3.5 hours, one hour nap, afternoon to continue reading, writing, exercise every day. Watching the news network in the evening, when the prison area allows, but also to see the central set of 8 points of the two sets of TV drama. Because the older, and suffered from the disease, the prison every day he measured two times blood pressure, a week to two times a day, 3 months to the prison hospital comprehensive inspection of a body. When they first arrive, he just over 60 years old. For recreation, he will do some weeding work. In accordance with the provisions of the older prisoners do not participate in the work, he did not work now, he is the main exercise in prison "physical activity". Initially, he every day with 50 minutes of exercise, mainly to climb the stairs every day a dozen layers, even to a cold shower. Later, he was told, climbing stairs on the knee injury. Since then, he changed way of exercise. "Now, his exercise is to climb on the ground, will climb to ten or twenty minutes a day," Xia Zongwei said, because when crawling will wear hand, also asked Mu she bought several pairs of gloves, wearing a climb. At the time of entrepreneurship is very focused on the health of the sun believes that through this crawling exercise, the treatment of cervical, lumbar disease has a good effect. "He is a very rational person, he often said, even if their health is not guaranteed, there is no way to do things behind," Xia Zongwei said, "the old slogan of the MOU, another twenty years, easily over a hundred years." In addition to the exercise, who used the other time is spent in learning and thinking. He had access to outside information channels through the "people’s Daily" and "digest" newspapers, every night to see the "news network", in addition to the prison library in some books on law and policy相关的主题文章: