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Harry will host the Potter Magic School in France next year enrollment of 100 –   entertainment Sohu; France next year do Harry Potter Magic School Sohu entertainment news according to Central News Agency reported on 25, after Poland to create the magic school, there are fans together to create "the French version of the Hogwarts School of France, as long as 16 years of age, regardless of nationality can when you sign up, have the opportunity to complete the wizard’s dream.   school curriculum has announced it is reported that the French school is located in the south of France Chateau Jolibert castle, in May 25th next year to May 28th, open 4 days and 3 nights experience course, recruit 100 students. As long as 16 years of age, regardless of nationality, can apply. Currently the official website announced the timetable, the contents of the course include magic, botany, charms and cuisine. The students will be in the original novel opening school gets mentioned magic props, the last day to accept magic examination; in addition, there is a Quidditch match, picnic, treasure and other activities, will be moved to the reality. "Harry Potter" in the "Hogwarts School of magic" provisions "Muggle" (non magical people) can not enter the school, but now let the world to appear around Potter fans exciting news, the French version of the magic school has more than 2000 fans rushing to sign up.相关的主题文章: